Mrs. Carrie Carpinteyro To All Instructors

While living in Juarez, Mexico for 15 years as a missionary, Carrie received her bachelor’s in Spanish with a minor in Education from the University of Texas at El Paso. During that season of life in Mexico, she got married and started to raise her family in a bilingual setting, and taught multiple month-long Spanish immersion courses for high school students and missionaries. Since moving to Lancaster County, aside from homeschooling her 3 kids she works part-time teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language. She enjoys introducing people to the Spanish language to give them a way to connect with people, and to Latin culture to transport them to new places through their studies. This will be Carrie's 2nd year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25).

Current Classes
Spanish (Blue 6-7) – Instructor (open)
Spanish (Red 6-7) – Instructor (open)
Introduction to Spanish* – Instructor (open)