Mr. Andy Sell To All Instructors

Andy Sell is the Worship Arts Director at St. Paul’s EC Church in Reamstown, Pennsylvania. He has been the worship leader and director of the Worship Arts Ministry for over ten years. He has grown this ministry from the ground up, beginning with just him and his guitar, to the present day which includes working with over 50 volunteers who lend their talents to the church in service for the Lord. He is also a songwriter, sound tech supervisor, and creative visionary.

Andy has been involved in worship ministry for over twenty-five years. He has been a part of large ministries serving over a thousand congregants to smaller congregations of 50 or less. The opportunity to lead others in worship and grow others in leadership in worship can be done no matter the size of the church.

During his twenty-five years of ministry, Andy had the unique opportunity to spend ten of those years traveling within our local area helping struggling churches. Most of those churches had no music ministry, yet desired a more contemporary style of worship beyond the traditional hymns. The time spent during those ten years gave Andy a new perspective on what it means to be a worship leader, but ultimately led him to understand what it entails to have a life filled with meaningful worship.

As the Worship Arts Director of St. Paul’s EC Church, Andy continues to strive for the importance of making worship a way of life. Worship is not merely what we do on a Sunday morning, but it encompasses all of who we are and what we do each and every day.

This will be the Sell family's 9th year as members of Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25)

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Basic Music Theory & Biblical Worship – Instructor (open)