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Dear Family,

Thank you for your interest in SCCC.  We are a co-operative of Christian home-schooling families, striving to put God first.  We want to honor Him with our lives and rest in Him for wisdom in raising and educating our children.

Southern Cross Christian Co-op is exactly that: a co-operative which needs the participation of each and every family involved.  All families are required to participate in Support Group, a service position and fundraising.

Please complete all of the following sections.  Your application for membership is only complete when your non-refundable registration fee is received and approved by the registrar and administrators. New families can register on May 15th.

*There are capacity limits for each class for the 2023/2024 year. 

2023-2024 SCCC Membership

1) Registration process

  • Complete your families' information
  • Read and agree to SCCC's Statement of Faith
  • Electronically sign (both father and mother) SCCC's Waiver & Release 
  • Check to either grant or deny Use of Photographs
  • Check to agree to SCCC's Disclipline Policy
  • Check that you understand you wil be required to complete a Family Medical Registration Form (due May 15th)

2) Complete Family Medical Information Form (must be done every year) by registration time in May 15th 2023. 

3) Pay $40 Registration fee per family and $50/child non refundable Tuition Deposit.

Payment options:
     $40 Registration Fee and $50/child non-refundable Tution Fee Deposit (remainder will be paid first week of September) 

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Payment Instructions

*For all registered children (Nursery through 8th grade)

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