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Class Registration Fees

AHC's focus on community impacts how we structure our fees. We hope that our low cost and straightforward fee structure makes it possible for all homeschool families to join us for classes if they wish. Our fees cover rent expenses for our location, our required liability insurance, general supplies, and other administrative costs.


Membership Fee
AHC Membership dues are $20 per year, per family, due July 31, or whenever you join AHC.

Class Registration Fees
These fees are due at the time of class registration. The fees listed below cover a full class term (10 weeks), whether registered for one or two classes. 

-      First child in the family – $75
-      Second in the family – $55
-      Third child in the family – $55
-      Each additional child – $40
-      Toddlers not enrolled in classes – $35
-      Non-participation Fee – $75

Material Fees
There is always a minimum of $10 per class in materials fees. Some classes may require more materials fees. You can find these costs listed in the class description. We reimburse teachers for the costs of materials for their classes using these fees.

Please Note: Children younger than one year of age may be registered and left for care in the toddler room, or may remain with their parent. Children one year or older are generally registered. 

Fee Example
Family with an 8yo child taking 2 classes, a 4yo child taking 1 class, and a 2yo receiving care in the toddler room.

$20 – Membership
$95 – First student ($75 class registration fee, $20 materials fees)
$65 – Second student ($55 class registration fee, $10 materials fees)
$35 – Toddler

Total for family: $215

If you are unable to pay the fees above, we will find other ways for you to contribute to our group. Please contact our Registration Coordinator for more information.

Please Note: We are able to keep our fees low because parent volunteers do all the work within our cooperative, including the teaching of classes. Each family is required to have at least one adult attend classes, and assist with classes either as a teacher, a class assistant, or aid in set-up and cleanup responsibilities. 

On Volunteering: (See Classes at Atlanta Homeschool Co-op for specific volunteer requirements.)

Families in which adults are not able to participate in a volunteer capacity in our Wednesday class program must discuss your situation with the Registration Coordinator. We ask non-participating families to make an additional financial contribution (the $75 non-participation fee).

Important Notice: 
AHC, as an organization, can never take responsibility for your child while you are off-site.