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Being a STAR Parent

What are my responsibilities as a STAR Parent?

The success of STAR depends in large part on the active involvement of the parents. Parents are encouraged to help in all aspects of STAR including coordinating classes, assisting with daily class setup and cleanup, supervising children during non-class times both inside and outside the building, and contributing to the STAR community by interacting with other parents and welcoming new families or even serving as a STAR administrator. Parents are also asked to support the instructors and STAR administrators by bringing up any concerns or questions as soon as possible to make the experience at STAR a positive one for all.

Am I required to complete volunteer hours or duties?

STAR parents are not required to complete volunteer time to participate at STAR but we hope our sense of community is a powerful motivator. There is a lot of work to be done but we can do it easily if we all help out. During each semester there will be a volunteer sign-up sheet located in the parent room. Please feel free to sign up to help in any way you desire.

Are parents required to stay at STAR during the day?

Yes, parents are required to stay at STAR. STAR is more than just a homeschool class opportunity for our children. STAR is a place for families to build community and gain support for issues related to raising and homeschooling highly gifted children. And even better, the STAR Parent Room is always filled with laughter (and occasionally chocolate).

How can I communicate with other STAR parents outside of STAR?

This website has a great tool called the forum, where you can post information about gatherings or field trips, curriculum questions, or anything that you think might interest other STAR families.

This website also has a directory which lists all families who have consented to share their information. Feel free to contact your child’s friends outside of STAR.

What if I am ill or have an emergency or appointment?

We recognize that there may be days when a parent may not be able to stay at STAR with their child. If you are unable to remain in the building you must arrange for another adult to be responsible for your children for both emergency and behavior issues. You (or your chosen proxy) must put that information on the Parent Sign-Out Sheet.

May I sit in my child’s class?

STAR has an open door policy. Parents may sit in and observe any class at STAR. We ask that you do so quietly and not disrupt the class. It is important that the primary voice in the room be that of the instructor.