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Communication at STAR

STAR functions best when communication is open, honest, and frequent. As STAR administrators we especially want to know what parents and children think. We want all members to feel comfortable coming to us with any issue--in person, by phone, or email.

What is STAR's primary communication method?

STAR's primary communication method will be via this website and weekly emails sent using the website's email feature. Please be sure your preferred email address is the one you have listed in your membership information. STAR sends out weekly emails with updates about classes, events, and other information regarding STAR activities so you want to be sure you are receiving those. This is also the method we will use to communicate weather related cancellations or other urgent information. It is the parent's responsibility to stay to-do-date with information shared regarding STAR.

STAR families are also encouraged to use this website’s forum feature to start a public conversation about issues related to homeschooling, gifted children, curriculum, class ideas, etc.

Are you a member of the STAR Yahoo Group?

The STAR Yahoo Group will only be used to announce general STAR information (new class schedules, registration dates, etc.), however, we request all STAR members join the STAR Yahoo Group as it is our emergency backup method of group communication. The Yahoo Group is also where non-active members can remain connected to the STAR community. This website is only for current families, by remaining on the Yahoo Group you will be able to return to STAR at any time.

To request membership in the STAR Yahoo Group please visit:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/STARAcademyMN/info

Your STAR Yahoo Group membership will be approved as soon as we verify your STAR Membership and email address. If you have any trouble joining the STAR Yahoo Group please contact any admin or [email protected]

Are there any meetings with parents and/or kids?

STAR administrators facilitate meetings with parents and/or kids generally once or twice a semester to provide members with information as well as to have an opportunity to receive member feedback. We want to know what you like about STAR, where improvements can be made, what kind of classes you want, how you feel about instructors, etc. We are always thinking ahead to the next semester and trying to anticipate what the needs will be.

Do you have specific class concerns?

If you have a concern regarding a specific class or instructor, your first step is to speak with the instructor directly. If the result of that meeting is not satisfactory to you, your next step is to contact one of the STAR administrators who will help mediate the situation.

Where do I address my STAR related questions, concerns, or feedback (general or specific) while attending STAR?

If you have a question or concern with a class in which one of your children is currently enrolled, the first step would be to speak with the instructor. If that option is not appropriate or your concern is not addressed satisfactorily, the next step would be to bring your concern or question to one of the STAR administrators. Administrators are available in person, by phone, or email.

Other questions, concerns and feedback can almost always be discussed in the parent room. Parent support is an integral part of the STAR experience.

However, if you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding STAR that you would feel more comfortable sharing privately or anonymously you may share your feedback in one of three ways:

  • You may anonymously write your message on a piece of paper and place it in the "Private Forum" box located in the entryway of STAR, near the name tags. Only the STAR administrators will see these private messages, and they will provide a response where appropriate.

  • You may go to any one of the STAR administrators and speak to them directly regarding your question, concern, or feedback. Again, the STAR administrators highly value your input and feedback regarding issues related to STAR. STAR administrators are happy to help with your questions or concerns.

If you feel that your questions or concerns are still not fully addressed after speaking with the STAR administrators, you may choose to speak with one of the MCGT CHOICES Chapter Board members to have your question/concern addressed at an MCGT CHOICES Chapter meeting.

If you feel that your questions or concerns are still not fully addressed after speaking with the MCGT CHOICES Chapter, you may then speak with one of the MCGT State Board members to have your question/concern addressed at an MCGT State Board meeting.

Information for contacting the MCGT CHOICES Chapter, and/or the MCGT State Organization is listed on the MCGT website at http://mcgt.net/.

Please share this information with your child(ren) so they know that these options are also intended for them.