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Request Membership in this Homeschool Group!

Fill out the form below and click the Continue button at the bottom.

This membership request process is intended for those who have already met the requirements of our new family admission policy. If you have not completed this process please read the STAR Policies and then follow up with the new family contact at [email protected].

Please complete this form to request membership to the STAR Academy website. Class registrations are a separate step. Please allow 15 minutes to complete this process and have your insurance information available. If you stop before completing registration you will have to start from the beginning again.

You must complete the form below, click 'continue', and then complete the attached forms: 

Health Form

Legal Waiver

Adult Responsibilities

Child Responsibilities

Once you have completed ALL of the above forms we will approve your membership. This is a manual approval so please be patient with us. 

If you have different last names in your family, please enter the children's last name in "Last Name" field and parent's differing name can be added in the parent "First Name" field.

In the "Message to Group Administrator" field please tell us how you heard about us. If you were referred by another family please let us know. 

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