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What about discipline?

God has entrusted our children to us and tells us to discipline them. “Discipline your children, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to their death.” Proverbs 19:18 We are teaching our child to own up to their choices and face the natural consequences. In doing so you are training your child to think through their decision to its conclusion before acting. Could you imagine a world full of self-disciplined adults like that?

Here are some things to discuss with your spouse about disciplining your children.

  • Have my child’s basic needs been fully met? Tired, hungry, overly busy children are going to misbehave.
  • Are they being disobedient or are they clueless? They need to be taught and reminded of what seems like the simplest task before we can expect them to do them right. There are some adults that still can’t wash a load of laundry if asked to.
  • Are we leading by example? A downside to homeschooling is our children pick up our vices. They see us fall from grace and they need to see us return to it. For example when I fall into the trap of complaining, I soon have a household of complainers. If I point out that I was wrong and work towards complaining less, the kids follow suit.
  • Are we being consistent?
  • Are the consequences effective? A disappointed look can stop a few kids in their tracks, while others are unfazed by every privilege being taking away. If you are not seeing a change in behavior it may be because the consequences you are choosing hold little importance to your child or teaching them nothing.