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Renewal Process

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This page is for families who did not renew before August 1st and have lost access to the secure website.  Filling out this form starts the process of returning.

If you aren't yet a member of SHHE or haven't been active since 8/1/2017, please Request Membership.

If you aren't sure, contact registration@shhe.org.

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Please type in your first and last name so that we can match your registration with your payment and SET confirmation.

  • Current proof of Safe Environment Training must be dated 7/1/2019 or later.  Please forward the Class Confirmation Certificate email to registration@shhe.org. If you have other questions or have an exception (such as a Diocese other than the Diocese of Phoenix), contact registration@shhe.org.
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If the Paypal email address is different from your contact email address, please enter it here so we can match your payment with your registration.