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Educational Background and Experience.

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Minimum and maximum grade level or student age required for enrolling in this class.

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Please provide a complete description of your class curriculum, including world view, or lack thereof, of the curriculum you will be using for the class. 

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What are your minimum and maximum numbers of students in your class?

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Please list any supplies, books, or software that students will need for your class.  Please include ISBN number as well as the edition of the text you want the students to buy.  

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Do you need a parent volunteer in your class?

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How many volunteers would you need?

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Will your class require a monthly supply fee?  If so how much? Do you want the fee paid via paypal, cash or check?

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Will this class participate in the end of the year performance and art show?

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Will you grade?  Grading scale must be included in your syllabus.

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Will you keep attendance?  What will you do if students have too many/unexplained absences?

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Will you have in-class prayer?

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Will you have homework?  What will your policy be if homework isn’t turned in?

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List any other class policies you may have.


Do you have specific requirements for classroom space?  (If yes please describe)


Do you have class scheduling requests or limitations?  Please include scheduling limitations(such as before noon or after one) and/or requests for class times longer or shorter than one hour.