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About Homeschool First

Mission and Purpose

Homeschool First hopes to aid every member in becoming a whole person, and to that end, we offer community events, so that we may build relationships; academics, so that we may build knowledge of ourselves and our world; and service opportunities, so that we may contribute to the people around us.

Our foremost purpose is to serve each other in all things. Our other purposes include offering classes for preschool through high school, field trips, social events for our members, themed “sanity” meetings for moms, and get-togethers for dads. We would like to offer city-wide events such as science fairs, spelling bees, and geography bees.

Mailing Address

Homeschool First
P.O. Box 11281
Lynchburg, VA  24506

Host Facility

Our classes meet at Chestnut Hill United Methodist Church located at 4660 Fort Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24502. Visit their website.


Annual membership dues are $75. This covers the cost of insurance, facilities, website fees, and other expenses.

Class fees are ultimately determined by the instructor; however, the recommended base cost is $5 per session. For Friday only classes, with 14 sessions per semester, the base cost for a course would be $70. Classes with both Tuesday and Friday sessions would be $140 per semester. Some classes may have required supply fees. Please see our Classes page for more information about individual class fees.