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In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is vital to support families within our community. These unforeseen changes have restructured home life for most in many different ways, thereby creating an opportunity for all parents to experience the wonderful world of schooling at home. Likewise, many traditional schools have had to adjust to meet these temporary, yet necessary changes. Thus, requiring them to restructure its’ current method of how instructing and learning is to be delivered.

As a school using the A.C.E. curriculum, and having recently launched our own trial period of online learning in August 2019, primarily to our distance-learning families, we have also taken a more perceptible approach; and adapted A.C.E. virtual learning recommendations by streamlining our current virtual learning experience to meet the needs of more families.

While we realize, all have been impacted, we would like to do what we can by inviting your family to connect with our cooperative learning virtual experience.

What is KGCA doing for families impacted by COVID-19?

We are...
• Actively having class online
• Providing affordable A.C.E. curriculum options
• Provide full supervisor/teacher support offering all the benefits of our in class learning experience in our home-base private school in the privacy of your own home. Please contact us for financial hardship options and/or to discuss April temporary online enrollment.

While these times are undeniably occupied with considerable uncertainty, my husband and I are praying for you and your family and hope that this will help you feel confident that you can continue to meet your children’s academic and spiritual needs.

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Parent Orientation

Parents, if you are in the city of Chicago and would like to join our parent orientation please contact us.

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Illinois Action Alerts

Action Alerts

New proposed bills will violate the constitution rights of parents in Education, Health, Medical and Religious Freedom. Illinois Supreme Court has made it clear that parental rights fundamental rights, therefore, they receive strict judicial scrutiny in Illinois.


Who We Are

A Support Group and Homeschool Cooperative Academy

Our Mission:

….is to exclusively develop, empower, and educate parents and their children through a cooperative setting, by building relationships, sharing fun-filled group activities, ideas, resources, and experiencing learning in a Christian atmosphere.

Interacting with a community of other parents who share your faith, values, beliefs, and commitment to a quality education, unleashes unlimited advantages and opportunities for the entire family! 

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2019-2020 School Memories

2019 Award/Graduation Ceremony

National School Choice Week

Learning Schooling @Home

Christian Home Educators Support System celebrates National School Choice!

“Learning Schooling @home”

National School Choice Week is the world's largest annual education-related celebration. During NSCW, tens of thousands of homeschoolers and homeschool groups join with schools and organizations to shine a positive spotlight on effective education options for children.

The goal of our event is to provide information to parents interested in homeschooling their children.

National School Choice Week is nonpartisan and nonpolitical. NSCW is not related to any legislative advocacy effort.

To learn more, please contact Latasha Fields at (773) 814-6843 or by e-mail at or

Parental Rights Events

Join Us at a Chicago Public Library!

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Escaping Common Core

“Homeschooling is a Viable Choice!”

Coming to a Library near you….

Homeschooling has grown significantly since 1993 and has changed the fabric of education in this country by given parents a choice!

Many parents today are fleeing the public education system and seeking for more quality educational advantages, such as homeschooling, Christian and private schools. CHESS aims to expose the indoctrination of an ever-changing system, that’s anti-parent and anti-Christ, thus equipping and empowering parents with resources, solutions and viable choices!

Our prayer is that this film as well as others pertinent resources will awaken a strong presence to many more American families, especially Bible believing Christians to take their children out of public schools!

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Award Ceremony
June 14 - Sunday

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