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In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is vital to support families within our community. These unforeseen changes have restructured home life for most in many different ways, thereby creating an opportunity for all parents to experience the wonderful world of schooling at home. As a school using the A.C.E. curriculum, and having recently launched our own trial period of online learning in August 2019, primarily to our distance-learning families, we have also taken a more perceptible approach; and adapted A.C.E. virtual learning recommendations by streamlining our current virtual learning experience to meet the needs of more families.  While we realize, all have been impacted, we would like to do what we can by inviting your family to connect with our cooperative learning virtual experience.

This site requires pertinent information and fees before approving membership.  $25 Annual Membership (temporarily waived)

Welcome to CHESS! We are a non-denominational Christian group/organization (relating to or according to the principles of a particular religious denomination). We believe in Biblical Christianity and subscribe to a Biblical worldview as disciples of Jesus Christ.  We believe in the fullness of His ministry alone, for humanity and toward humanity as fully prescribed in the scriptures. 

All families desiring to become a member of CHESS must agree and comply with all policies and procedures, which includes, Terms of Service, Statement of Faith, Statement of Belief on Family and on Education, Zeal for Purity, Membership and Liability Realease Forms indicating that they agree with and comply with the statements. This is a private organization overseen by Our Report Ministries & Publications and membership may be revoked if the member family does not comply with all the policies and procedures. 

Membership may begin at any time during the year. The annual membership fee is $25 (non-refundable) from April 1st to March 31st.  If your membership begins after October 31st, the fee is pro-rated at $15 (non-refundable) for the remainder of the academic school year through March 31st.  Membership is  not automatically renewed, it is reviewed on a yearly basis in March.  All fees are paid through PayPal and subject to change upon 30-60 days notice. 

The Membership fee helps to cover our operating costs and a professionally printed, sturdy plastic photo Membership ID card for one parent.  Also CHESS members have a feature to access and create their own family website.  Once you submit your request for membership and all forms are signed, a page will display with payment instructions to pay via PayPal. Your membership in CHESS will not be approved until forms are sent, reviewed and payment has been received.  If you have any difficulties with processing your payment via Paypal, please email

Considering our Homeschol Cooperative Academy or Virtual Learning?

Families that are considering enrolling their child in our Homeschool Cooperative Academy (KGCA) must also become a member of CHESS and agree to all policies and procedures herein and those that pertains to the academy's student enrollment process.  Please visit our homeschool cooperative academy page and/or website for full enrollment details: (KGCA-Chicago) or (KGCA-Virtual Learning)

PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT fully and completely before completing your registration: Policies and Procedures, Statement of Faith, Statement of Belief on Family and Education, Students Zeal for Purity, Membership and Liability Realease and Conflict Resolution.

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