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Welcome to Christian Home Educators Support System (CHESS)! We are a non-denominational Christian homeschool organization. We believe in Biblical Christianity and subscribe to a Biblical worldview as disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe in the fullness of Jesus's Ministry alone, for humanity, and toward humanity as fully prescribed in the scriptures. CHESS and KGCA are evangelistic outreach ministries of Our Report Ministries & Publications, founded by Evangelists Ronald L. & Latasha H. Fields.

Any family wanting to become a member of CHESS must agree and comply with all the Terms of Services: 

  • Statement of Faith
  • Statement of Belief on Family and Education
  • Zeal for Purity
  • Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality, Membership
  • Liability Release Forms
  • Medical Policy

CHESS Membership may be revoked at any time if the member family does not abide by our organization's Biblical expectations, policies, and procedures. 

Membership may begin at any time during the year. The annual membership fee is $45 from April 1st to March 31st. If your membership starts on or after October 31st, the cost is pro-rated at $22.50 (non-refundable) for the remainder of the academic school year through March 31st. If enrolling in KCGA the $45 fee is waived. 

CHESS membership is not automatically renewed; it is reviewed yearly in March. All fees are non-refundable, paid through PayPal, and are subject to change upon 30 days' notice. 

Families considering enrolling their child in Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy (KGCA) must also become a member of CHESS and agree to all policies and procedures herein. Please visit  (KGCA) for more information on this program. 

PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT fully and entirely before completing your registration.

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