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Full Year

Group class Elementary school class Middle/high school class
Reading/writing skills
  People and Places in Our Community (IEW)
2nd - 5th
Latasha Fields
Biblical Student Writing Intensive (IEW)
6th - 12th
Latasha Fields
Black History/U.S. Constitution
3rd - 12th ; 8 y/o - 16 y/o
Latasha Fields

1st Semester

Elementary school class Middle/high school class
Finance Class
JA More than Money
3rd - 5th
Foundations Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey)
7th - 10th ; 0 y/o
Latasha Fields

2nd Semester

Group class
Reading/writing skills
Public Speaking
Latasha Fields
Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox (Dave Ramsey)
4th - 12th ; 9 y/o - 12 y/o