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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Christian Home Educators Support System

Who We Are

CHESS has been supporting and advocating for the importance of Christian home education for over 14 years. We believe that Biblical discipleship is the key to a quality education for our children. We have member families from Chicago, Bellwood, Braidwood, surrounding Chicagoland areas, Indiana and Louisiana with children ranging from preschool through high school and families that have home schooled to college graduates. Our member families recognize that Christian home education and character development of children is their God-given responsibility as parents.

Our Purpose

CHESS empowers parent to take the lead in their children’s education. We are members of the Body of Christ that provide mutual support, encouragement and share information about Christian education, homeschooling, the benefits, opportunities and the challenges to member families who choose to educate their children in the home or in a cooperative learning environment.

What We Do

We organize and attend workshops and conferences, invite speakers, host panel discussions and screenings, share and exchange information such as pertinent parental rights issues, curriculum needs and other valuable resources needed to educate our children. We begin each year with a workshop that gives needed information and guidance to new homeschoolers, and offers Christian fellowship and networking opportunities to veteran homeschoolers. We offer field trips, graduation and award ceremonies, and other educational activities throughout the year.

Our continual success depends on the diligent and willingness of member families to volunteer and participate in activities. Member families contribute in ways that are beneficial to their family and the organization.

CHESS provides you with:

  • Encouragement, support and guidance from other homeschooling parents and families.
  • Insight about curriculum choices and resources.
  • Insight about how to set up and/or improve your homeschool or cooperative learning experience.
  • Opportunities for parents and children to meetup and make new friends and build relationships.
  • Opportunity for Mom’s Day or Night out! A time for fun, Christian fellowship and to hangout with other Moms! A time you can look forward to!

When we come together exciting, creative, and amazing things begin to happen! Relationships are built, learning is nourished and cultivated; wisdom, skills, gifts and talents are imparted! What we realize and you will soon find out, that connecting and fellowshipping with other homeschoolers in your community is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your children have a great, enjoyable and well-rounded learning experience! Support groups are a great way to help your family stay strong, encouraged and connected!


CHESS meets on the 2nd Saturday from September through May.  Meeting topics and activities changes monthly so please see our calendar of events and home page for more information about our monthly meetings. We cannot provide childcare at our meetings, but children are welcome to attend with their parents and sit quietly with them. Please always refer to our calendar or email us ([email protected]) as times and specified venues are subject to change.

CHESS Co-op: Our year begins each September and we welcome new member families year round. Participation in our enrichment co-op classes and/or educational programs is not open to the public unless otherwise noted. Member families are required to pay a $10 per semester co-op class fee .  CHESS Membership is required to participate in co-op classes.

Membership may begin at any time during the year. The annual membership fee is $45 (non-refundable) from April 1st to March 31st.  If your membership begins on or after October 1st, the fee is pro-rated at $22.50 (non-refundable) for the remainder of the academic school year through March 31st.  

Membership is  not automatically renewed, it is reviewed on a yearly basis in March.  All fees are paid through PayPal and subject to change upon 30 days notice. Approved members will be emailed an invoice to pay your annual membership fee via Paypal.

The Membership fees helps to cover our classes and operating costs.  Also CHESS members have a feature to access and create their own family website.  All fees are subject to change.