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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Christian Home Educators Support System

Why join a support? When we come together, exciting, creative, and amazing things begin to happen! Relationships are built, learning is nourished and cultivated; wisdom, skils, gifts and talents are imparted! What we realize and you will soon find out....connecting and fellowshipping with other homeschoolers in your community is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your children have a great, enjoyable and well-rounded learning experience! Support groups are a great way to help your family stay strong, encouraged and connected!

We enjoy uniting and empowering parent to not only take the lead in their children's education, but advocating that it's a Christ-centered education. We support and encourage homeschooling families by providing social and educational advantages for children to be equipped academically, economically, physically, and spiritually. We hold support group meetings for homeschooling families from August to July. We currently meet the 2nd Monday of each month unless otherwise noted, (check calendar) the times and specified venues varies.

What we do?

We bring in homeschool speakers, host panel discussions and screenings, attend conferences, share and exchange information such as pertient parental rights issues, curriculum needs and other valuable resources needed to educate our children. We begin each year with a workshop that gives needed information and guidance to new homeschoolers, and offers fellowship and networking opportunities to veteran homeschoolers. We cannot provide childcare at our meetings, but children are welcome to attend with their parents and sit quietly with them. As a support/co-op group we offer field trips, graduation ceremonies, diagnostic testing and other educational activities throughout the year.

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