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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Enrichment Co-op

The responsibility of educating children is given to the parent by the Commandment of God, Deuteronomy 6:5-9. Therefore, we believe "strongly" that nothing should replace the parents' involvement in their child's foundational training and education.

Homeschool families participating in a cooperative homeschool atmosphere allow their families to build relationships within the homeschool community. Connecting with others and sharing educational programs, activities, ideas, and resources guarantee a comprehensive supportive community with other homeschool families. Interacting with a community of other parents who share your faith, values, beliefs, and commitment to quality education is priceless. And receiving generous support as you dedicate your time unleashes unlimited advantages and opportunities for the entire family. Most importantly, choosing a homeschool cooperative create lasting memories that your family will cherish forever!

Our primary goal is for homeschool families to share the love of Jesus Christ, their gifts, favorite teaching subjects, interest, passions, and creativity with others. This cooperative learning time will supplement, enlighten or compliment existing electives or enhance core academic subjects already taught at home. Our parents serve various roles in the education of their children and are vital to the success of our co-op experience. Remembering, co-op does NOT replace the part of the parent; it only aids and compliments the existence of home education.

12 Key Benefits: 

  1. Provides encouragement, support, and guidance from other homeschooling parents and families.
  2. Provides expertise of other parent educators to teach subjects you may dislike or be weak in.
  3. Provides an affordable and flexible educational experience from which all families can benefit by sharing the expense. 
  4. Provides cooperative and creative learning experience that supplement, enlighten or complement existing curriculum already being taught in the home.
  5. Provides an opportunity to benefit from working successfully within a structured classroom environment.
  6. Provides an opportunity for students to learn and adapt to different teaching styles.
  7. Provides an opportunity for students to learn subjects that are difficult to teach at home that function better with a group.
  8. Provide accountability for classes that may fall by the wayside at home, especially for high school students, and hands-on courses like science or creative writing.
  9. Provides an opportunity for ingenuity and motivation for students to excel. 
  10. Provides a safe Christ-like environment to grow and develop character and learn how to share and interact with all ages. 
  11. Provides opportunities for parents and children to meet and make new friends.
  12. Provides an opportunity for tons of fun! The entire family can look forward to a get-a-way from home each week.

Participating in co-op is a $10 non-refundable family registration fee per semester. This fee goes toward general co-op supplies and administrative operations. Since we are an outreach ministry and non-profit organization/group, we keep the cost of co-op registration low. Parent educators do not profit from these classes; the fee covers their supplies and administrative resources. 

When registering for classes, activities, or field trips, payment is expected at the time of registration or signup. Parents are entirely responsible and required to pay fees for their child to participate, which are non-refundable. We begin every class with announcements, prayer, and devotion and proceed to the course material. 

There will be no refunds from any class started if you decide to cancel or switch--the teacher has already incurred the class expenses. Notes: Fees are subject to change per need.

The co-op runs for 14 weeks in the fall from September to December and 20 weeks in the Spring from January to May, totaling 34 weeks per co-op calendar school year. Some courses may receive certificates of completion for students to add to their portfolios for higher education or career endeavors. Note: location/dates/times are subject to change.