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Steps to Admission

KGCA maintains a selective admissions policy.  Students are enrolled who best fit within the spiritual and academic climate of the school.  Motivation and attitude toward learning are also important considerations.  Admission to KGCA is a privilege and not a right. All students and their families must maintain proper standing with the school for continued enrollment.  All parents must submit the appropriate enrollment information and pay all applicable fees upon enrollment. No student may attend class until all enrollment requirements are met.  

  1. Families that are considering enrolling their child in our Homeschool Cooperative Academy (KGCA) must also become a member of CHESS (our parental support group) and agree to all policies and procedures herein and those that pertains to the academy's student enrollment process.  Click here:  Enroll/Request Membership.  
  2. After requesting membership/enrollment in CHESS, your application will be reviewed. During this time an email will be sent to schedule an interview with you and the prospective student.  Disregard this step if your interview has already been scheduled or completed.  
  3. After the interview the group administrator will notified you if your requested for membership/enrollment has been approved or deny.  You will not be able to log in until your request has been approved along with the necessary membership fees. 
  4. You will be notified via email when you can log in.  Make sure you save the user name and password you just entered because you will need them to log in. Once logged in you will be able to complete the student application process for full or part time enrollment and complete all necessary forms. Once all forms are recieved, invoice(s) will be created and sent out via email. Once all applicable fees/tuition/payments are recieved, the student will be enrolled into class. Students will not be enrolled for class or be able to start, until all forms and payments are submitted. 

ALL forms below must completed online. 

  • All Fees Paid (a signed contract will be issued to indicate fees paid and all necessary forms are signed and agreed upon)
  • Student Application/Enrollment Form   
  • Financial Information Letter  
  • Medication Policy/Release of Liability  
  • Ministry Standard of Conduct  
  • Statement of Faith  
  • Statement of Agreement/Assumption  
  • Parent-School Agreement 
  • Submit Financial Information Letter  
  • Academic Integrity/Parent Responsibility  
  • Attendance Policy 
  • Initial Interview (parent & student)  
  • Diagnostic Test Scores/Assessment  
  • Copy of Student Record Release  
  • Copy of the last report card for each child  
  • Copy of birth certificate for each child  
  • Copy of Immunization Records and/or Religious Exemption Letter ? submit/scan/email
  • Handbook Read  (Please print and return the signed and dated Acknowledgment and Student Honor Code Forms)

Requirements for Parents/Guardians:

KGCA is determined to maintain a Biblical discipline philosophy which reinforces the spiritual and academic training of each child. Our objective is that children discipline themselves by daily yielding to Christ’s control of their lives. However, the school will take measures to correct the behavior of a child according to Hebrews 12:6, 11. The school expects parents to support the school in its disciplinary efforts as a loving responsibility to the child.

KGCA expects and desire both parents to be professing Christians (living a Christ-centered life), however, if only one parent is a Christian, the following is require:

  • The unsaved parent cannot be hostile to the gospel. God has created the child so that the parent is the primary influence in shaping his or her character and personality. This influence must be pro-Christian and fully comply with our Statement of Faith.  If it is anti-Christian, most of the school’s ministerial influence will be counteracted by the home, therefore, the agreement with the school and home will not work.
  • The non-Christian parent must be in agreement with the enrollment of the child and must sign all necessary forms.
  • The non-Christian family should strongly consider salvation, thereby, attending a Bible believing church in order for the school and home to become one with Christ Jesus is encouraged. We offer Biblical Counseling.
  • Christian families are admonished to maintain their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Family Bible reading and prayer time is essential and should be a part of the normal home structure.
  • The primary motive for enrollment must be for spiritual development (Discipleship) in an academic setting.
  • The family will agree to work in a partnership relationship with the school and back the school fully in the training of the child.

Requirements for Student:

  • The student must be able to do the required spiritual and academic work required.
  • The students’ attitude and life-style must be compatible to the KGCA Student body, and if not, parents/guardian must support our efforts in enforcing Biblical-base discipline in order to see loving results.
  • Students who do not want to attend KGCA should not be enrolled. We will not tolerate hostile students.
  • The student will agree to study and comply with all the policies of the student handbook of Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy.