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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Why Donate/Support Homeschool Co-op?

  • Homeschooling strengthens families. Families take personal responsibility for their children’s education. 
  • Homeschooling saves taxpayers money. Chicago taxpayers pay over $10,000 each year for each public school student. If the approx. 2.5 million homeschoolers in the U.S. went to public schools, it would roughly cost taxpayers $24 billion dollars.
  • Homeschooling represents a true choice in education. It has a proven track record.

Parents taking the lead!

This organization is administered and maintained by the parents on a non-profit, Christian basis. The parents assist each other in the classroom on a rotating basis and participate in the educational program of all the children. Each family shares in the business operation of the coop, thus making it truly a cooperative venture. Parents and children all go to school together, thus, learn together.

CHESS operates without government funding. Funds are needed to cover operating costs, such as (curriculum, other needed educational resources, parenting workshops etc.) that exceed its income from memberships. Our organization is a resource hub and/or support system that is focused on addressing and challenging All parents to re-think traditional education. In so doing, it places the burden and responsiblity of educating our children back in the hands of parents. Parents are in the best position to understand the unique characteristics, abilities, and challenges of their child.


When you donate to CHESS:
You support an approach to education that consistently produces outstanding citizens.
You strengthen families, the foundation of society and a strong economy.
• You save yourself and other Illinois taxpayers millions of dollars each year.
You support a true choice in education. Homeschooling gives parents the opportunity to choose an education for their children that is consistent with their principles and beliefs.


Your gift means a lot to homeschool families that enjoy teaching their children at home and to those parents that are considering homeschooling!