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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Preschool Co-op Learning Objectives

Top Priority Objective: To work with homeschool parents within the goals and objectives listed below in order to facilate a well-rounded extension of the existence home education!

Spiritual Objectives:

  • To encourage the development of virtuous character in our children.

We (Parent-Educators) will meet these objectives by first and foremost being loving and nurturing parents to our own children, modeling biblical principles, attitudes and virtues for our family. We will bring the same joy for learning about Jesus to the co-op as we do at home, by teaching stories from the Bible, singing worship songs and praying with them and for your family!

Cognitive Objectives:

  • To provide concrete materials and eleven (11) years of homeschooling experiences to help develop beginning literacy, language, math, science, and art skills in a cooperative setting.
  • To encourage children to speak and express themselves clearly.

We will meet these objectives by reading quality literature that is developmentally appropriate and that teaches children to recognize the written word, develop imagination, build vocabulary, and develop comprehension and a love for reading. We will provide many activities and bring ideas from our own homeschool environments to promote cognitive development, whereas, children can investigate through the senses and apply discoveries to their individual level of development. We will also utilize concrete materials, such as manipulative, blocks and natural materials to build on curiosity, experimentation, calculation, problem-solving and reasoning skills, which all help build beginning math and scientific concepts.

Social/Emotional Objectives:

  • To provide a joy–filled co-op setting that includes laughter, play and exploration and a stress–free and emotionally–safe environment for all children.
  • To teach standards of right and wrong, how to make good choices, and the importance of respecting others, including authority figures.
  • To teach children how to play well with other children and how to resolve conflicts.
  • To create an atmosphere in which a child may develop self–confidence and independence.

We will meet these objectives by creating a co-op classroom that has a home–like atmosphere and a nurturing environment. Each week we will provide activities and group games to encourage children to build on positive imagination, cooperative play, listening, following directions, responsibilities, sharing and putting others first.

Fine Motor Objectives:

To provide children with various materials to develop and strengthen finger movement, grasp, hand preference and cutting and pre-writing skills.