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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Virtual Learning

KGCA operates as a "Facilitator" of Cooperative Virtual Learning to guide and assist homeschool families with their educational needs. KGCA and parents are cooperative parent-partners in guiding and assisting students to learn and absorb information in a self-instructional way that is meaningful and relevant to their academic needs.

KGCA Cooperative Virtual Learning is based on the idea that the home is the most essential and influential aspect of a child's educational experience. Therefore, when parents are empowered to navigate their child's education, students will excel academically and exemplify personal responsibility.  The success of Cooperative Virtual Learning only works, as we work together to provide the best homeschool virtual learning experience for the family.   

We Got You Cover

Our homeschool cooperative virtual learning academy facilitates teaching, provide support, assessments, counseling on academic matters related to the A.C.E. program, maintains permanent student records and progress reports, tracking tools, and more all on a monthly budget that maximize savings!

Our Curriculum

Accelerated Christian Education's (A.C.E.'s) Bible-based, individualized, and self-instructional curriculum incorporates diagnostic testing, goal setting, and mastery of subject content divided it into bite-sized, achievable work-texts called PACEs instead of conventionally styled textbook.

PACE (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education)

Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. PACEs integrate Godly character-building lessons into the academic content, and self-instructional activities are cautiously designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning.

Unlike a classroom and/or online classroom setting where a teacher lectures the students, A.C.E.’s curriculum allows students to read the material for themselves, answer questions, and then test comprehension of the subject. Whether the student is a high achiever or a moderately paced learner, the A.C.E. curriculum progresses at the exact level of the child’s ability.

Individualization Model

Individualization makes it possible for each student to master the subject before moving on. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built. Individualization produces academic excellence. Students take responsibility for their own learning. Biblical character training received as part of this learning experience, prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities that come their way. Challenging and highly effective, the A.C.E. program is an extraordinary educational approach with Biblical principles at it’s core, that prepares students for tomorrow’s world while giving them traditional moral values that will last a lifetime.

A.C.E. Diagnosis and Prescription

Conventional school systems fail when they force a struggling student to repeat an entire grade or advance a student without having grasped course concepts. Some of these students graduate from high school without basic grammar, math, or other academic skills. Accelerated Christian Education has a system that negates the need to repeat a grade or advance to more difficult material without mastering a subject. Through the FREE Diagnostic Test students are tested based on what they have learned.

Learning Gaps

Subject concepts that the student may have missed—are documented after the student takes the test. When weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate gap PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. After completing the gap PACEs, the student progresses at his performance level. If he demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing, he has the ability to function at his chronological grade level. Once enrollment and fees are processed and the diagnostic test is completed and assessed, you will be contacted to order curriculum.

The four academic areas tested include:

  • Math (Levels 1–9)
  • English (Levels 1–8)
  • Reading comprehension for science, social studies, Bible Reading, and Literature and Creative Writing (Levels 1–8)
  • Spelling (Levels 2–9)

Instructions for A.C.E. FREE online Diagnostic Testing

Go to:

  • Click: Take the aceconnect Diagnostic Test
  • Click: Register
  • Input:
    • Your school name or Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy
    • Your Name (Parent)
    • Your email address
    • Create a Username and Password
    • Your address information
  • Click: A Christian school already using the A.C.E. curriculum
  • Click: Add Account Information
  • Click: Student and Reports
  • Click: Add New Student
  • Input: Student information
  • Select Subject and click “Choose Level
  • Select Beginning Level: Begin testing students 3-5 levels below their chronological grade level.
  • Start Testing
  • Email results to us at:

KGCA will administer an assessment of the diagnostic testing and prescribed the proper academic level for student. You will be contacted regarding the curriculum prescription via email.

Why Choose Cooperative Virtual learning?

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What materials are required to get started?  The A.C.E. Curriculum and Tech equipment

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