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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education



"Empowering Parents to Take the Lead in their Children Education"

Cooperative Virtual Learning

KGCA "Empowers YOU to take back the responsibly of educating your child" through our Cooperative Virtual Learning program!  We invite and encourage you to join us, become a cooperative parent-partner in embracing the Biblical Mandate to “teach them diligently,” and give your child a quality Christ-centered education.

Cooperative Virtual Learning is designed to facilitate a seamless cooperative learning experience alongside parents and students to allows a synchronous way to participate and connect from anywhere in the world into our live online blended community, whereas KGCA is facilitating the A.C.E. program, Biblical Devotion, Character Development, Co-op Enrichment Courses and much more.

Cooperative Virtual Learning comes with many benefits:

  • It gives parents the opportunity to homeschool with live support, personal interactions, and the ability to ask questions and discover how to navigate their child’s education. This is vital in keeping children engaged and well-versed.  
  • It provides parent training, classroom management, group support and interaction, and rich discussions with other Christian parent educators, that includes but not limited to; pertinent information such as parental rights issues and laws surrounding education and much more.
  • It offers parents the flexibility and freedom to adjust their child’s individual need and respond appropriately.
  • If gives parents the much needed insight into their child’s education, and reinforces that they are best equipped to cultivate and direct their path toward their God-given purpose in life.
  • It offers affordability and flexible payment options that’s cost-effective when compared to the traditional way of learning. Virtual learning is economical.

KGCA #1 goal is to fade out, so that the parent can become the primary teacher and overseer of their child’s academic progression. Meanwhile, we will assess the parents' readiness and knowledge of the program (no particular time-frame) and determine how we should adjust our approach, whether our services can be delivered in a more or less detail way.

KGCA will always provide our parents with ongoing support, tools and resources needed to keep them motivated, focused and attentive in providing their child with the best academic and biblically-sound homeschooling experience. Ultimately, we desire to set the stage for cohesive involvement that seeks to duplicate the know-how and will-power back into the hands of the parents.


Learn more: How does it work?

What materials are required to get started?  The A.C.E. Curriculum and Tech equipment

What does it cost? Email us for more information