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Cancel CHESS Membership

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If your family is in a position in which you need to cancel your CHESS Membership please complete the form below:

  1. Notify CHESS administrator. We encourage you to schedule a meeting to discuss any specific issues or concerns as per the guidelines for CHESS Membership.  If there are no specific issues or concerns, scheduling this meeting may not be required.
  2. Complete the withdrawal form below. 
  3. Optional: Complete the Share-Your-Experience portion of this form regarding your familiy's experience with us. 


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Please list all of your children's first and last name 

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Reason for cancellation

Personal finances Personal family issues
Spiritual issues Philosophical Differences
Transferring to public school No, still homeschooling
Moving out of the city/county/state Other (please tell us)

If you checked other, or have one or more reason listed above, please share the reason. 


Would you like to be considered for membership at a future date?


Cancellation Policy

CHESS Membership: Member families may cancel or revoke their membership at any time. However, the membership fees, co-op class or umbrella enrollment fees are non-refundable. 


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Date of family's official cancellation


Optional: Share-Your-Experience, we would love to hear from you! 

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