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Chsel+ Biology

This class includes assignments, assignment check, weekly lecture/instruction, worksheets accompanying assignments. The Friday lab is designed to enrich this class. Once day a week is insufficient to complete all material, therefore, assignments will be completed at home and to be turned in on due dates as specified on classroom dashboard and/or each meeting day. 

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High School students will be involved in many activities and experiments to help strengthen their knowledge of living things and the world around us.  Come earn your high school biology credit in a group atmosphere that will cover topics, such as the living cell, genetics, the six kingdom classification system, dissections, and ecology.  This full credit course will meet on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Lecture notes and discussion will be conducted on Tuesday, with laboratories to be conducted on Friday.   However, you can take just this Tuesday CHSEL + class or the Friday lab to fulfill your need for your biology credit.  


Requirements:  Weekly reading from the textbook will be required to prepare for lecture.  Tests will be given.  Textbook will be required.  TBD.  I will let you know during the summer, which biology textbook we will be using.