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All About Classes

We offer 2 different types of classes:

A.Enrichment Classes/ (Traditional) Friday classes/clubs

  *Meet: 2 times per month or 6 classes each semester

*Generally taught by volunteers

*Emphasis on supplemental learning, social growth, less-demanding work



 B. Scholar classes (aka Weekly Friday Classes)

* Meet weekly on Fridays and some on Tuesdays

*Taught by professional parents, some volunteer and some for a fee, and outside professionals.   

*More intensive, academically challenging, more accountability than TFC.

You can see schedule and register online. 


Just a reminder about Classes and Clubs:

1. All classes and clubs are for current SWGHA members only. Registration for classes occurs at the Fall and  Planning meetings or online at .

2. Classes are offered as teachers are available. Professional teachers may be engaged to teach classes for an additional fee. Please offer assistance to our teachers as needed.

3. Tuesday/Friday class participation includes volunteering to teach, assist teachers, monitor the facilities, and to help clean if needed.

4. Students under the age of 16 may not be dropped off. A parent or guardian must be on site. Students can be left for a short period of time under the supervision of another parent, as long as both the student and assisting parent are aware.

5. Children in K5 to 3rd grade need to be picked up by the parent from the assigned classrooms at the end of the class period.

6. Please refrain from coming if you or your children are sick.

7. Keep noise in the hallway to a minimum.

8. Please be respectful of the  property and grounds. Return items to their original place, pick up any trash or messes, and remember to collect your personal items to take home.

9. Please do not allow small children to play in the parking lot.

10. Any student being disrespectful or behaving inappropriately will be brought to their parent. Participation can be denied for inappropriate behavior or conduct.

11. Students who are 16 years old drivers and older, may attend Friday Classes/Scholar Classes without parents, as long as the student is actively engaged in a class.

12. Students who are 16 year old drivers and older, may attend Friday Classes/Scholar Classes with a younger sibling(s) when both are involved in the same activity/class.

13. Families may participate in a rotating supervisory schedule for students involved in the weekly Scholar Class program. Students are not allowed to leave the premises without permission.

Ask a board member if you have questions or concerns.