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HCH Co-op

Henderson Christian Homeschoolers has a great educational co-op that can enrich your homeschool experience!  We offer academic classes and electives to help your child flourish.  Only about a third of HCH families participate in our co-op; there are many other wonderful opportunities in the group.  

There is an additonal fee for being a part of our co-op, on top of the yearly HCH membership fee.  Our yearly co-op fees are:

Family registration $75

Each child is an additional $25

Some classes have books for you to independently purchase, or extra lab fees.

There are size limits to the classes, and it is on a first come, first served basis.  Sign up quickly to reserve your spot!  Click on "Class Registration," and click on the name of  each class you want to register for, then click on your child's name.  There are age restrictions on the classes; if your child's age is wrong in the HCH database, you may need to change it in order to sign your child up for the appropriate class.

Our amazing co-op leaders are Kelli Bakke (702) 443-0610 and Emily Ptaszynski (480) 251-5009.  You can call or text them with questions.

HCH Co-op Calendar

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