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through Connection, Community, and Exciting Educational Opportunities!

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We exist to support families like you who want to be part of a loving, like-minded community and are searching for those “extra” educational opportunities that will take you from feeling uncertain to assuredly confident in your homeschooling journey.

When YOU Become Part of HCH, You Will Receive...

Consistent Christ-Centered Connection.

Are you looking for ways to meet regularly with other families who have the same values as you? HCH gives your kids (and you too!) the opportunity to cultivate kingdom-friendships through weekly park days, fun-filled planned events, and field trips.

A Supportive Community.

Homeschooling can sometimes leave you feeling alone and isolated. HCH offers you the community you need so you can THRIVE! Through various parent-only events, mentorship opportunities, and Christian support, we aim to encourage you as a homeschooling parent.

Fun-filled Educational Opportunities.

Are you looking to “fill in the gaps,” afraid that your child’s education is missing something? Our weekly co-op gives your family the opportunity to not only meet with the same kids every week, but also gives YOU the confidence knowing that your children can take part in classes that you may not feel adequate teaching at home.

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What Are Families Saying About HCH?

“I struggled finding a community for my kids. I felt bad for them and worried they would resent us for homeschooling them. They missed being around other kids throughout the week, and I knew that if I could find a good, solid group to be part of that my kids would be more content homeschooling. HCH was literally an answer to our prayers! We found community, support, and our family made great friends who we’ve maintained strong friendships with, even after graduation. Join this welcoming community! Homeschooling your kids alongside other like-minded families makes all the difference.” - Carol D.

“About four years ago we moved to the Las Vegas area, not knowing anyone until we joined HCH when my daughter was five. It was hard for me to take my kids somewhere to try and make friends because they would never see them again. Being part of HCH gave us friends, but joining the co-op really helped us because we were able to see the same people every week. Joining the co-op made all the difference for us!” - Emily P.

“Being part of HCH has been a huge part in our ability to be successful in our homeschool journey. I had several babies back to back and my body and mind gave up. Having the space to take my kids to a group where they were with me, but I wasn’t alone, was a great relief during that time. My kids never felt as though they were ‘missing out’ on some elusive school experience. Over the years we’ve been able to open our lives to other families that I would not have met otherwise and the mom fellowship has been vital for me.” - Skylar A.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What kinds of activities do you offer?

HCH has a robust calendar of events that happen throughout the month and school year. Each month we offer field trips, park days, age-specific events, mom nights, and weekly co-op meetings. During the year we may offer holiday parties, educational events like a science or international fair, high school dances, and graduation for high school seniors.

What is the co-op and how often does it meet?

HCH has a great educational co-op that can enrich your homeschool experience and fill in those gaps that some families desperately need! We offer academic classes and electives to help your child flourish and grow. About a third of HCH families participate in our co-op. Click here to see this year’s class offerings and schedule. For the 23-24 year we are meeting on Wednesdays from September through April.

How do I join?

Becoming part of Henderson Christian Homeschoolers is a simple process. Once you’ve read the HCH Guidelines and Statement of Beliefs, and can agree to these statements, then you’ll fill out a short form and be contacted by an HCH leader who will arrange a meet and greet for you (usually at a park day or over a cup of coffee). Then, you’ll be granted access to our website where you will gain access to our calendar of events. These steps are taken to ensure the safety of our families.

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Public Calendar (Some Details Reserved For Members)

Nature Craft With Friends - WETLANDS TRIP
June 25 - Tuesday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Summer Cooking Club
June 25 - Tuesday
04:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Curriculum & Craft Sale
June 27 - Thursday
02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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