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2022-2023 Class Descriptions

2022-2023 ECHO Class Descriptions

Art & Design
Ages: 9-12, 13+
Materials fee: $30

This is a combined two-for-one class. Time will be split between Art Technique and Design.
This year, in Art Technique, students will learn that art growth only comes from stepping out and trying. Anyone can learn these skills and improve on them with practice. We will work together on drawing assignments to gain skills and confidence. From there we will explore a variety of art styles using different art mediums (graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, etc). We will include an artist study which will allow students to appreciate the masters and learn about their art style and techniques.
In Design, students will develop a unique space for a favorite character. We will explore basic design principles and then apply them to fit their character's space. From there, we will introduce hand drafting skills, learn how to draw a floor plan, and create a space plan using furniture templates. If time permits, we will finish off the project by learning how to draw a perspective drawing of the space.

Crafty Science
Ages: 6-8, 9-12, 13+
Materials fee: $20

What is Crafty Science? It is a collection of craft/art projects that deal with science. Things like volcanoes, cells, leaves, sand dollars, bacteria, viruses, planets, sound wave etc. It will also include some art projects that focuses on the science behind the art medium for example alcohol ink, fluorescent paint etc. We will be using many mediums...from acrylic paints, water colors, pastels, chalk, yarn, clay. It will be a creative year full of lots of science.

Literature Discussion
Ages: 9-12, 13+
Materials fee: $5 + access to books listed below

This class will learn about the building blocks of story by reading and discussing select myths, legends, and fairytales. We will discuss how authors use these building blocks to create new stories and imaginative works through the ages. This class will also learn about the story chart. We will use picture books to introduce each concept on the chart (Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Denouement, Conclusion, Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme). In addition, we will learn about the protagonist, antagonist, and types of conflict.

We will use fairy tales and picture books to introduce and discuss the building blocks of story and the elements of the story chart. Approximately once a month we will discuss a longer, chapter book (assigned ahead of time) using the story chart structure to guide our discussion. Using questions and dialogue, the goal is the help the students discover how all the stories talk to each other, learn how to ask questions about the books they read, think about them critically, find the images that are in the story, and discover how all these stories are connected to the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Chapter Books for the 2022-2023: The Black Stallion by Walter Farley (October); Holes by Louis Sacher (November); The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis (December); Animal Farm by George Orwell (January); The Giver by Lois Lowry (February); Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright (March).

Books can be found at your local library, Amazon (either to buy the physical book or the kindle version - several books are free on kindle), abebooks.com (used books, cheap prices!). Students can read the books themselves, you can read them aloud as a family, use audio books, read them on a Kindle. Any format is acceptable as long as students know the story by the discussion date so we can discuss it! Specific dates for each book discussion will be listed before the ECHO year starts


Ages: 6-8, 9-12, 13+
Materials fee: $10

My goal for this class is for the kids to have fun, get moving, and work together! Some ideas are flag football, kickball, and obstacle course. We will not be running laps or doing pushups. Hopefully that puts many kids' minds at ease. Kids do need to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. We will stay outside for PE unless it's heavy rain or heavy snow. Appropriate warm weather clothing will be needed for the winter months. Once we are moving and participating in the game, we will all be warm enough to have fun. 


Preschool/ Kinder
Ages: 3-5 AND potty-trained
Materials fee: $17

Please Note: Our preschool class stays together the entire ECHO day and does not switch classes like the other groups. You will only need to choose preschool once. There is only one materials fee for the entire day.


Prep for Success
Ages: 13+
Materials fee: $5

Preparing for Success presents a kaleidoscope of topics that our youth will encounter as they prepare to enter the world of independence. Students will explore topics that are becoming of high interest for them as they approach the age of more responsibility: job interviews, preparing applications, creating resumes, income and expenses, budgeting, meal planning, and vehicle purchases. From leadership to organization, management to creativity, Preparing for Success is a class that will support our growing adolescents as they enter into God’s world.


Ages: 9-12, 13+
Materials fee: $5 Plus required supplies listed below.
Students will need to bring a 3-ring binder, lined paper, pencils, 1 pack of lined 3x5 index cards.

This class will help students to become more comfortable speaking and reading in front of others by using games, activities, and practicing speech techniques. Students will learn how to present recitations, and how to deliver speeches, such as impromptus, informational, and demonstration speeches.

Stories and Songs
Ages: 6-8
Materials fee: $5

This class will spend time learning a variety of different things. We will read picture books, fairy tales, fables, and poems; spend time working on memorization skills with poetry and some scripture. We will listen to some folk songs and hymns and learn to sing a few, too! We will also learn about an artist or two and look at their art. Our class time will be a well-rounded time spent focusing on stories and songs that every child will enjoy knowing!

Writing the Novel Way
Ages 9-12
Materials fee: $5 Plus required supplies listed below.

Students will need a binder dedicated to this class, along with paper and pencils. Homework will be assigned likely every week, and IS mandatory. Access to a computer (for writing) is recommended.

God has given people many different ways to communicate, and one of them is through the gift of language. The purpose of this class is to inspire people to use language to create a novel, and to enjoy doing it! It is more fun to learn language skills when you have a tangible creation in your hands at the end! We will brainstorm, plan major events in our stories, define and develop the main characters, describe the settings and more. There will be story sharing amongst the students, and peer reviews. We will work on writing heartily, and keeping a reader’s interest. In this course, we will go over grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation. There WILL be writing!


“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10