Fall Registration week is July 22-26, 2024, Semester dates: Thursdays, 9/5-11/14/24


Our co-op is non-profit and therefore relies heavily on parental volunteers to keep the co-op running successfully.  Because of this, parents are required to volunteer one day per child during the semester equal to the number of periods your child attends the co-op (max of 3 days) or pay an opt-out fee.  

Ex: 5 periods of student attendance = 5 periods (1 full day) parent volunteering per student

      4 periods of student attendance = 4 periods parent volunteering per student  
      3 periods of student attendance = 3 periods of parent volunteering per student
      3 periods of student attendance x 3 kids = parent volunteering for 3 days for a duration of 3 periods each


Volunteers will be used in one of the following ways: teacher’s assistant, hallway monitor, bathroom monitor, desk duty, clean up, or any other various jobs.  We ask that you arrive a little early so we can get you settled in and that you stay a little extra so you can help with clean up. We also ask that parents adhere to the dress code outlined in the handbook while they are volunteering.

During online registration, there will be a list of dates from which you may choose your day(s) to volunteer.  If you have previously volunteered at Chosen, please consider choosing Weeks 1-2.  If this is your first semester volunteering, please consider Weeks 3-11 which will allow more time for training.  Please keep in mind, we do not provide childcare, and children are not permitted to tag along.

If you do not wish to volunteer or have a scheduling conflict that does not allow you to do so, you may pay the non-volunteer opt-out fee.  The opt-out fees are as follows:

$120 for one registered child
$150 for two registered children
$180 for three or more registered children


If you have more than one child, we also offer an option to volunteer at least one of your volunteer days but pay a reduced opt-out fee for the rest.

1 volunteer day + $120 for two registered children
1 volunteer day + $150 for three or more registered children or
2 volunteer days + $120 for three or more registered children


Our Volunteer Coordinator will remind you via email of the days for which you signed up.  If you do choose to volunteer and an occasion comes up when you need someone to take your place, please notify us as soon as possible so we can schedule someone to replace you and we are not short-handed on the day for which you were scheduled.  Also, if you miss your scheduled volunteer day, you will be expected to contact us to reschedule your time.  If you do not fulfill your volunteer time on a rescheduled day, you will be charged the volunteer opt-out fee.

We love and appreciate our faithful volunteers! Thank you!