Fall Registration week is July 22-26, 2024, Semester dates: Thursdays, 9/5-11/14/24



  • Please be here at least 10 minutes before your child’s class is to begin. This gives you time to sign-in, ask questions, etc.
  • It is required that you escort and sign your child in at the sign-in table for their first period and pick them up from their last period classroom ON TIME after signing them out at the sign-in table.  Please make sure your phone number in your member account is up-to-date so you can be reached if necessary.  In compliance with Calvary Chapel policy, students are required to be within the Chosen Co-op setting or physically with the parent. They are NOT allowed to roam the property unattended! Thank you!


There are many yucky illnesses out there now and we want to do our best to keep our students healthy. We ask that if your family has been exposed to the Flu, Covid-19, Rotavirus, Strep Throat, H1N1 Virus, etc. to NOT bring your child to class. It is unfair to expose the rest of the children and the staff to these illnesses. We will do our best to have the students wash their hands frequently as well. Please help us to keep our co-op healthy! Thank you!



Our co-op is growing more and more each semester. We are thrilled with our growth, in particular our high school crowd. However, with so many students comes the responsibility of making sure our co-op has a standard of dress code that encourages modesty and Godly thinking.

In the past, we have had students who would test the limits. If you are questioning whether an outfit meets the standards, please err on the side of conservative. We understand this may be a bit strict for some families and you may even have to go buy a few new things, but please keep in mind that this is only one day a week for 11 weeks.  

It is not fun for us to confront these issues with students and parents and we never want to embarrass anyone, so what follows is the procedure we have implemented to encourage Godly standards while trying to protect the heart of the students.

If a student does not dress appropriately, he or she will privately receive a warning, be required to read the dress code, and then be asked to change clothes or be sent home. 

If the student receives a second warning, the student will be removed from class and a parent will be called to pick up the student.  

If the student disregards the dress code a third time, the student will be expelled from the co-op for the remainder of the semester. Readmittance the following semester will be considered pending a review by the admin team.

Here are the dress code guidelines:  


•      All shorts must be mid-thigh length or longer. Moms, please help us with this! 
(Tip: Have students put their hands at their sides.  Mid-thigh shorts should be longer than their fingertips.) 

•      All shirts and blouses must cover midriff, back, sides, and all undergarments including bra straps at all times.  All shirts, tops, and dresses shall have sleeves and cover the shoulders. No low cut shirts.

•       All skirts or dresses need to be knee length or longer. Please note that short skirts over leggings or pants are still NOT acceptable.

•       Form fitting leotard/spandex/yoga pants are not allowed unless worn with loose fitting shorts that cover to mid-thigh or longer or a skirt or dress of knee length or longer. (Tip: Have students put their hands at their sides.  Mid-thigh shorts should be longer than their fingertips.) 

•       “Skinny” jeans may be worn only with a shirt that fully covers the buttocks or longer. 

•       Leggings, jeggings, etc, may be worn only with a tunic, long shirt, dress, etc. that is knee length or longer.


•       No pants hanging low with underwear hanging out

•       No tank tops

•       No offensive t-shirts

•       No exposing armpits or bellies, even in athletic classes

•       “Skinny” jeans may be worn only with a shirt that fully covers the buttocks. 



We understand that children like to wear lighter clothing while participating in athletics. However, the attire still needs to be appropriate. If a student does not dress accordingly, he/she will be asked to change and/or sit out of class. The following applies to girls and boys of all ages:

 •      No skin-tight exercise biker shorts or yoga style pants, unless covered by other shorts that are mid-thigh or longer.  (Tip: Have students put their hands at their sides. Mid-thigh shorts should be longer than their fingertips.) 

•       No tank tops, only t-shirts or athletic-style t-shirts are allowed.

•       No shortie exercise shorts, only mid-thigh gym shorts are allowed.

•       No skin-tight shirts

•       No exposing armpits or bellies

•       Girls-only dance classes do have exceptions.

 We’ve done our best to give a good description of the guidelines for the dress code, but a parent asked us to provide some visuals, which we thought was a great idea, so we’ve included some for you here.  Hopefully, this helps you better understand what we’re looking for in adhering to the dress code.


Only registered students of Chosen Co-op are permitted to attend classes. We know that sometimes parents may find themselves responsible for a friend’s or relative’s child during co-op time. As much as we would absolutely love to have them shadow along with your child, it is our policy to not allow students who are not registered with the co-op to shadow. We really wish we could allow for this and understand that your child may want to bring a friend at times, but it places an extra burden on our teachers. Thank you very much for understanding!



If scheduling changes, cancellations, or withdrawals are requested after online registration closes, the Family Registration Fee and all materials fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.   Any cancellations or changes (which we highly discourage) MUST BE MADE BY THE WEDNESDAY FOLLOWING THE FIRST WEEK OF CO-OP.  NO REFUNDS FOR TUITION OR FEES WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE WEDNESDAY FOLLOWING THE FIRST WEEK OF CO-OP.

You can also view Chosen Co-op’s full Family Manual for a full overview of all our policies.