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Membership Renewal

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I have read and agree to the Statement of Faith

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I have read and agree to the Parent Handbook.

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I have read and agree to the  Code of Conduct for both myself and any of my attending children. 

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I have read and agree to the Liability Waiver.

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I agree to one of the following payment options:

 (1 required)
Pay $225 by Aug.19 (no fundraising) Pay $150 by Aug.19 + help with 2 service fundraisers (Pizza Ranch, Read-a-Thon)
Fundraise using Raise Right (at least $75 per session) or pay fee by session due date
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What information has changed from last year? Please check all that apply and update on your profile page.

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Grade Levels Adding/Deleting a Student
Address or Phone Number Medical Information
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I have updated the Student Profile Information including grade and allergies under my family profile page.  

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I have completed the behavioral and learning needs form for my child(ren).  

(Helpful Hint: click on link above, type needs or N/A (one per family), click submit, close that window and continue on with this renewal form) 

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No Changes
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I have filled out medical information here. It is important that we have this information on file each year in case of emergencies. 

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If you have any class ideas please list them below and let us know if it is a class you are interested in teaching or just submitting it for an idea.


If you have any ideas for field trip options please share below.

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Please share with us your preferred age groups to teach and any subjects you would like to teach. We will be assigning teaching positions so would like to put you in your preferred areas as much as possible. If you have no preferences, please let us know that as well. 

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Being part of a co-op (cooperative) means that the assistance of all members is needed to keep it running smoothly. Please check any areas below that you might consider helping with this year. 

 (2 required)
Lead Teacher Encouragement Team
Cleaning Team Set Up Team (help set up at beginning of day)
Take Down Team (gather supplies to bring to supply room) Parent Connect Team
Special Events Team (holiday parties) Field Trip Team
Emergency Response Team Care & Prayer Team