When and where does Branches Chandler meet?

Branches Chandler meets on Mondays, in Chandler - near Price and Ray, from 9:00 to 2:10. We meet fourteen weeks with several Monday holiday breaks. You do not need to come all day to classes, but must come to at least two class periods.

What is Branches?

Branches is a Christ-centered homeschool co-op community that offers academic and enrichment classes, sports activities and clubs, once a week to families in the East Valley. We also seek to create a close knit community where families feel they belong and are supported. We do this through a co-op (cooperative) model, where each family contributes in some way.

What is a homeschool co-op?

A homeschool co-op (or cooperative) is a group of families that come together one day a week and pool their resources to offer classes, both academic and enrichment, to children of all ages. By joining with other homeschooling families, responsibilities can be divided up and shared amongst the group. Costs are low for parent-led classes and are higher for teacher paid classes. Parents share expertise and resources with each other. Friendships are formed at the co-op and encouragement is readily available.

Why join a homeschool co-op?

The number of homeschooling families is growing at a tremendous rate, and so the need for homeschool community co-ops has never been higher. Isolation is one of the biggest problems for homeschool moms and their children. By creating Branches, we hope to connect homeschool families to a support system and a local church.

What type of classes does Branches offer? 

Branches offers a variety of academic and enrichment classes. Classes are taught by members of our community. These classes will change over time based on the talents and needs of our members.

What are the costs involved in joining Branches?

We charge a yearly membership fee per family of $50.  This amount helps to cover our fixed expenses including the website, insurance, and facilities fees. Each class has a minimum $9 fee. The classes we offer range in price depending on who will be teaching the classes. Classes taught by outside teachers will be higher, and could range anywhere from $60-$150 a 14 week semester depending on what they charge us. Classes taught by our members will be low and just cover the material fees. *Additional Mini Branches Fees vary by semester.

What is the refund policy?

Because Branches is on very tight budget (money comes in and money goes almost immediately out) we cannot refund any classes or registration fees two weeks prior to the first day of classes.  Non-paid teacher families buy supplies based on the number of children enrolled in their classes.  Contracted teachers are paid for the entire semester the first day of classes. 

How do I contribute my talents to this co-op?

There are a few ways to contribute to Branches. Each parent signs up for "jobs."  Once you are a member you can sign up for these jobs through the website.   

Do I need to have a degree or be an expert to teach a class?

No! Everyone has talents! Sometimes we don't feel like we do, however God has gifted each of us with unique things that we're good at. It's especially intimidating to put yourself out there, in front of a group, but we are in this together! If you have an area, background, or speciality that you think could help Branches community in some way, please consider it. 

Required Job Credits:

  • Families attending 3 class periods = 6 credit minimum
  • Families attending 4 or more class periods = 7 credit minimum
  • Families attending 5 or more class periods = 8 credit minimum

How do I sign my kids up for classes and myself for parent "jobs?"

You sign up for classes for your children and parent jobs on class registration day. After you are a member you will be notified of the registration process and the details pertaining to registration day. You will pay for the classes your child/ren take through PayPal on the day of registration. 

Does my family need to stay all day?  

No, your family does not need to stay all day, but you do need to come for at least three class periods so that it's possible to earn all of your parent job credits. Just know that staying all day will be much more fun! MINI's students must come for either the entire AM session or entire PM session or both. 

Is it possible for me to leave campus if I have a doctors appointment, special errand, or other unusual situation that comes up during my "free period?"

Yes, but this is the exception not the norm. As long as you have a responsible friend who is caring for and keeping track of your children, you may leave campus during your free time if it is necessary. The purpose of Branches is to create a community of families who really get to know each other. This can only happen if we stay on campus and spend time together.