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General FAQs

The word format forms on this site were created in MS Word for your use.  Feel free to download them and change them in MS Word to meet your needs.  Please note:  these forms are included to assist you in planning, organizing, and evaluating your school.  These DO NOT have to be filed with VBHE.  There is also a section included on evaluating your child’s work.  This is for your information only.  VBHE DOES NOT require that these methods be employed.  Please e-mail your questions or comments to accountability@vbhe.org. 

 Please note:  VBHE only serves families in Horry and Georgetown Counties of South Carolina under the SC Law 59-65-47. Public Online schools DO NOT fall under this section, and therefore are not eligible for enrollment in VBHE.


(Annual Accountability Requirements in PDF HERE)


To meet the requirements of the 3rd Option of SC Law Section 59-65-47 you must:

a.    Provide VBHE with timely and accurate enrollment information.

b.    Keep the following records:  (click on the links below to see samples)

Daily Lesson Plan (PDF HERE) or diary;

Attendance Form (PDF HERE) for 180 days of instruction;

Semi-Annual Progress Reports (PDF HERE);

Student Academic Portfolio (PDF HERE)

c.      Provide instruction based on the minimum academic requirements for each respective grade level.

d.     Complete your records each year by completing the online End of the Year Report after completing the 180th day of school.


What do I need to report to VBHE?

a.  For each school year you plan to homeschool, you must enroll each child you will be teaching.  At the end of the year, you must close out your year by completing the online end of the year report.  You may choose to re-enroll at this time.

b.  Even if you decide not to continue homeschooling, it is important to keep a copy of the items listed below:

c.  Keep for your records (MS Word documents can be edited to fit your needs):

Semi-Annual Grade Report;(PDF HERE)

Daily Lesson Plan; (PDF HERE)

Attendance Form; (PDF HERE)

Portfolio – What to include in a portfolio;(PDF HERE)


What do I teach?

Curriculum Available


What do I include in a portfolio?

Suggestions of what to include in a Portfolio. (PDF HERE)


How do I grade my child and create a report card?

a.  One major point of homeschooling is NOT to focus on the grades.  However, we do  have to turn in grades and we want to be able to evaluate what our children have done.  Showing a child his/her strong points and areas of weakness in an assignment is a large part of the learning process.  One place to start is by creating a simple grade scale.  Keeping grading to a minimum and placing the emphasis on interests and learning is most important.  Grading can help you see where you need to focus instruction.

b.  Semi-Annual Grade Report


How do I assign a grade to papers, projects, etc.?

Grading papers and projects


How can I better organize my school year?

a.  If you are not using a purchased curriculum that has an outline for you to follow, using a scope and sequence chart is a good place to start.  These can give you suggestions of topics to be covered in various grades.  The yearly planning document listed here helps you organize what you will cover and when.  This is an informal outline that will help guide you.  It can be changed at any point in the year.

b.  Yearly Planning Document


What about High School?

For High School Information, click here.