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What's the Next Move?

After praying about your decision to homeschool and deciding this is the right thing for your family…
What’s the Next Move?
Step One:
You need to make sure you are following the SC laws. In SC, you have three options to choose from in order to be legal. Vine and Branches operates under the third option of the SC homeschooling law. SC Laws
*Please note: Only a child’s parents or legal guardians may be the child’s primary instructor.
Step Two:
Complete the online application. Send to us the enrollment fee and a copy of one of the following: the primary instructor’s high school diploma, GED, or college diploma.
Step Three:
Begin your search for what you plan to teach. Choosing curriculum that is right for your child is one of the most important steps in creating a successful homeschool environment. 
Step Four:
During the 180 day school year you are expected to keep the following records:
*Please note: Documents provided are samples only. You may adapt these to your needs.

Progress Report (PDF HERE)

Portfolio (PDF HERE)

Attendance Form (PDF HERE)

Step Five:
When the school year is complete, report your school attendance through our online reporting system.