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Thank you for your interest. Please leave us a message with any questions you have for our group.

If you are interested in joining please request an application and we will send you the link. 

There are a few steps to becoming a member:

1. Complete an application- After we've had time to review your answers we will contact you to set up a Zoom call with a few of our members. 

2. Attend at least one in-person Meet & Greet. 

3. Attend a new member meeting to discuss RHC policies, registration process, and member responsibilities. 

4.  Pay for administrative and facility fees. Fees cover rental costs, website fees, and supplies as needed. 

5.  Your family will then be added to the community and have access to class registration, meet-ups, field trips, clubs, and other activities. 

Statement of Inclusivity 

Richmond Homeschool Collective accepts, welcomes, and respects families regardless of their race, ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or national origin. Our member families come from many different backgrounds and may practice a variety of religious traditions or none at all. We do not uphold any religious worldview, and our classes are taught using currently held scientific theories, based on empirical evidence. 

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How did you find us? If a currrent member recommended you, please share their name. 

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