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CHEC Conduct and Dress Expectations

As we strive to live our lives in a manner pleasing to God and reflect our commitment to Him, we ought to take the time to follow a few simple matters of courtesy. These include issues such as:

Wearing appropriate attire (modest) at CHEC events

Shorts, dresses, and skirts must pass the “remain decent when leaning over or participating in a rowdy activity” common sense test

No strapless tops

No vulgar slogans or images on clothing

No bare midriffs

No visible piercing rings except on ears

No bikinis without a cover-up shirt at swim events (modest tankinis are allowed)

Keeping an eye on our children at CHEC events

Being on time for CHEC events Students avoiding PDA (public display of affection) at CHEC events

Using clean language at CHEC events

Avoiding damage to property at CHEC events

Students NOT being allowed to carry weapons at CHEC events

Behaving in a manner that respects parent leaders who are in authority at CHEC events

Behaving in a manner that shows kindness at CHEC events