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Class Registration

We will be doing registration for the whole year next year instead of by semester. 
Class Registration will begin June 10 for current co-op members and June 24 for new members.  

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2023-2024 Class Schedule

1st period - 8:30 2nd period - 9:30 3rd period - 10:30 4th period - 11:45 5th Period - 12:45
Small Wonders: Kindergarten Fun and Learning (Hanger) 24-25
Kindergarten - 1st
Prek Dance/Movement (Room: City) 24-25
Pre-School - Pre-Kindergarten ; 3 y/o - 5 y/o
WOW: World of Wonder PreK Fun and Learning (Room: Hanger) 24-25
Pre-School - Kindergarten ; 3 y/o - 6 y/o
PreK Play Club! (Room: Hanger) 24-25
Pre-School - Kindergarten ; 3 y/o - 5 y/o
STEM Jr. (Room: Pizza) 24-25
Kindergarten - 4th
Choreography Hub (Room: City) 24-25
Kindergarten - 3rd
Our Marvelous HIStory Jr. (Room: Garage ) 24-25
Kindergarten - 2nd
It's Game Time! (Room: Zoo) 24-25
Kindergarten - 4th
Português World (Room: Zoo) 24-25
Kindergarten - 3rd
How an Economy Grows (Room: Hanger) 24-25
3rd - 6th
Hobby Club (Room: Zoo) 24-25
Kindergarten - 6th
Hobby Club (Room: Zoo) 24-25
Kindergarten - 4th
Flying Animals: Apologia Science (Room: Soda Shop) 24-25
1st - 3rd
Music theory and fine art appreciation (Room: Garage) 24-25
Kindergarten - 5th
What (and Where) in the World? World geography (Room: Soda Shop) 24-25
3rd - 8th
Botany (Room: Soda Shop) 24-25
3rd - 8th
Elementary Drama (Room: Chapel) 24-25
2nd - 5th
Intermediate Gymnastics (Room: City)
2nd - 8th
Building Blocks of Belief (Room: Soda Shop) 24-25
4th - 7th
Athletics and P.E. (Room: City) - 24-25
5th - 12th
Living Art class (Room: Garage) 24-25
3rd - 12th
Write Now: Creativity and Craft in Writing (Room: Hanger) 24-25
3rd - 5th
Our Marvelous HIStory (Room: Garage ) 24-25
3rd - 6th
Quirky History – Relating History Through Fascinating Stories (Room: Pizza) 24-25
4th - 12th
HS Literature (Room: Garage) 24-25
6th - 12th
STEM (Room: Pizza) 24-25
4th - 9th
Photography/Yearbook (Room: Pizza) 24-25
5th - 12th
Tuttle Twins: Entrepreneurship and Investing (Room: Pizza) 24-25
4th - 9th
Flag Corp/Color Guard (Room: City) 24-25
5th - 12th
Physical Science with Lab (Room: Pet Shop) 24-25
7th - 9th
MS General Science with Lab (Room: Pet Shop) 24-25
6th - 8th
Learn to Write the Novel Way (Room: Soda Shop) 24-25
5th - 12th
Musical Theatre (Room: Chapel) 24-25
6th - 12th
MS/HS Marine Biology **FOR HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT (Room: Pet Shop) 24-25
6th - 12th
High School Drama (Room: Chapel) 24-25
8th - 12th
HS Biology with Lab (Room: Pet Shop) 24-25
9th - 12th
HS Chemistry with Lab (Room: Pet Shop) 24-25
9th - 12th
MS/HS Marine Biology **LAB ONLY (Room: Pet Shop) 24-25
6th - 12th
Zumba for Moms (Room Chapel) 24-25
9th - Adult


Grace Life is a community and we really value family involvement and families getting to know each other! This is one reason that we have a volunteer requirement. 

We want fellowship, not just for the kids, but for moms as well! We probably need it more than the kids! We feel that doesn't happen so easily at a drop off co-op. We don't require parents to be on campus the whole time (although we encourage you to hang out with us in the coffee area!), but we do require you to be there for at least your volunttering spot. 

There is also a lot of work that goes into keeping things running smoothly, and volunteering helps so much!!  

**We will require every family registered to have a parent volunteer. Most jobs are weekly. See the Student Handbook for a list of possible volunteer jobs. Once you are approved to login, you can go to the Volunteering page to see specific volunteer jobs and request your volunteer position. You may also contact the volunteer coordinator ( for help finding a position, especially if it looks like there are not many openings on the Volunteer page. 

We require each family to volunteer for TWO "Regular" jobs  or ONE "Grande" job.    We also have special "sippy cup" jobs for moms with kids 2 and under. 

If you are not able to volunteer, please choose one of the "opt-out" registration choices for the Family Registration Fee. 

Manage Class Registrations

Field Trip Membership Only!!