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Here are some resources that we use, and they might be helpful to you. 

Places to find New Curriculum:

Used Curriculum Sites: 

There are many other used curriculum groups on Facebook, if you search for "used curriculum." 

General used books:

Book swapping:

PPEA - This is our local homeschooling support group. They do field trips, high school activities, activities for graduating seniors, and parent support meetings. It's a great group to join, and we highly recommend it!

HSLDA - Homeschool Legal Defense Association  

  • Protects your right to homeschool and defends your family. A lawyer is on call 24/7.
  • Works to support homeschool-friendly legislation and stop unfavorable bills at the state and federal levels.
  • Partners you with the cause: Although homeschooling is recognized in every state, HSLDA receives phone calls each day from families whose right to homeschool is being challenged or discriminated against by school officials, child protective services investigators, employers, colleges, armed services recruitment officers, and government bureaucrats. By joining HSLDA, you are supporting families who are fighting for their right to homeschool today and standing together to preserve homeschooling freedom for tomorrow.

We are an HSLDA discount group, so you can save $15 on your membership. Email us for the discount code,

Curriculum help:

Homeschooling High School:

Bright Futures:

As a homeschooler, you can use any volunteering towards Bright Futures hours except anything that is “in service to a relative” or anything that you were getting credit for in some other way, such as credit for a class.  Church nursery, volunteering at a co-op, and even mission trips can count. To turn in your hours, you will just need a signed letter on letterhead from the organization you volunteered for stating how many hours you volunteered for them. 

Your senior year, you will need to fill out the FFAA application in order to qualify for Bright Futures.  You can do that here:

Once you have all your volunteer hours, you can turn them in to the Pinellas County Charter Schools and Home Education  You must first have the FFAA filled out, and wait a few days after filling it out to make sure it has been processed. Then you can email your volunteering letters to CSHE so they can record your hours.  The number if you need to call is 727-588-6209.

When taking your SAT or ACT, each time, make sure to select for your scores to be sent to at least one Florida college, as that will automatically send it to the Bright Futures office. 

To contact someone about Bright Futures to check on qualifications or to be sure scores arrived, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance or 888-827-2004.