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We will be approving new families to register for spring classes on June 17. 
To join Grace Life for the 2024-2025 school year:

To Register: New Families

1) Please FIRST read the Grace Life Student Handbook 

2) Print & sign the Consent to Treat and Liability Forms and bring them signed to the Open House. (Please do not email them). 

3) Please complete the Background Check Form for the parent who will be volunteering, or any parent who will be on campus regularly. There is a $28 fee for the background check. You will need to complete a new background check every 3 years. 

4) Scroll down on this page and fill out the family registration info.

NOTE: It is critical for us to get information to you in a timely manner. This is super important if we have to get information out quickly, such as if there is an issue and a class is canceled the morning of co-op. 

--> Unless your phone simply does not have texting capabilities, we are requiring all families to have at least one phone opted in for texting.

5) You will need to pay the Family Registration Fee before you can register for classes. NOTE: If you plan to opt-out of volunteering, please also pay the opt-out fee for the year when paying your family registration fee. 

6) As soon as we have approved your membership, sign up for your classes and request your Volunteer Job(s)


Returning Families - Do NOT fill out the info below! Click here for MORE INFO on class registration for returning families! 


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Payment Instructions

**You do not have to pay right now, however, you MUST select the appropriate options now. And you will need to pay before registering for classes.** 

  • Everyone must select the Family Registration Fee (first option).
  • If you are opting out of volunteering, you must also select the second option. 

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