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Please Read and then fill out the form at the bottom to request your volunteer position. 

Grace Life is a community and we really value family involvement and families getting to know each other! This is one reason that we have a volunteer requirement. 

We want fellowship, not just for the kids, but for moms as well! We probably need it more than the kids! We feel that doesn't happen so easily at a drop off co-op. We don't require parents to be on campus the whole time (although we encourage you to hang out with us in the coffee area!), but we do require you to be there for at least your volunttering spot. 

There is also a lot of work that goes into keeping things running smoothly, and volunteering helps so much!!  

**We will require every family registered to have a parent volunteer. Most jobs are weekly. 

We require every family to volunteer for TWO "Regular" jobs  OR ONE "Grande" job.  

If you have a child under 2, you may select one "Sippy Cup" job  AND One Regular Job OR 2 Sippy Cup jobs to fulfill your volunteering. (Or one Grande if you prefer).

**We do have a volunteer staffed family room from 2nd-5th period and if you are volunteering as a TA during one of those periods, your child can be watched in the family room.** 

Please consider volunteering for a TA spot, as we need to fill those! 

Please fill out this volunteer form ASAP!  If you do not get your prefered job, don't worry, the volunteer coordinator will work with you to find a good fit for you.

Please fill out at least your top 3 choices. If you are choosing to do two Regular jobs, you may want to add a 4th choice. 

Please Note: If we do not get all the TA spots filled, we may need ask some volunteers to switch to a TA spot. But we work to try to make sure everyone is in a good place! We will let you know your assigned volunteer jobs soon after the Open House. 



Teacher’s Assistant (TA) - Assists the teacher during class. **This is not a "sit down" kind of job--we only have TAs in classes where they are really needed, so be prepared to be on time and help when needed in class! 

NOTE: TA's in a club will supervise the club, as there is not a teacher. 

      2nd Period: 

  • TA for Small Wonders
  • TA for Chorography Hub (younger active class)
  • TA for Hobby Club (need 2)

       3rd Period: 

  • TA for preK dance/movement

  • TA Hobby Club (2 needed)

  • TA for Elementary Drama 

       4th Period:

  • TA for WOW

  • TA for It's Game Time!

  • TA for Flying Animals

  • TA for gymnastics

       5th Period: 

  • TA for PreK play (2 needed) 

  • TA for Portugues World

  • TA for Music Theory & Fine Art Appreciation


  • CLEAN UP COORDINATOR - Stays after to supervise clean up after co-op and make sure all the rooms are cleaned. Assigns clean up tasks to each person on the clean up team, and ensures that all tasks are completed. Runs a quick cleanup team meeting at 1:15 to let the team know of any room setup changes, etc, and starts team on cleanup by 1:20. Then we have a quick walk through with the clean up coordinator afterwards to make sure it's all been done. Clean up usually is done by 2:15pm. 

  • FULL FLOATER (4 needed) - Is available 1st-5th periods to fill in for an absent TA as needed. Usually you would only fill in for one class each week. 


Teacher’s Assistant (TA) - Assists the teacher during class.

        1st Period: 

  • TA for World Geography

  • Possibly, depending on the number of students registered: TA for Physical Science

        2nd Period: 

  • TA for Botany

  • TA for Living Art

  • Possibly, depending on the number of students registered: TA for General Science

        3rd Period: 

  • TA for Write Now

  • TA for Photography/Yearbook

  • TA for Novel Way

  • Possibly, depending on the number of students registered: TA for HS Biology

       4th Period: 

  • TA for Our Marvelous HIStory

  • TA for Musical Theater

  • Possibly, depending on the number of students registered: TA for HS Chemistry 

       5th Period: 

  • Possibly, depending on the number of students registered: TA for Building Blocks of Belief

  • TA for Flag Corp/Color Guard

  • Possibly, depending on the number of students registered: TA for Marine Biology 


  • SET UP TEAM (2-3 needed) - Comes at 8:00 (sharp) to help set up.

  • CLEAN UP TEAM (4-5 needed)  - Stays after to help clean up after co-op. You would need to be available to come early to a cleanup meeting at 1:15 just to find out any changes, and start cleaning by 1:20.  We are usually done by 2:10 or 2:15 if we get started on time. Check with the clean up coordinator before leaving to make sure it's all been done. 

  • EVENTS COORDINATOR - Coordinates with teachers and puts together the showcase at the end of each semester. Coordinates dates, room set up, etc with the church. Is available to help the last few weeks of co-op during co-op time. Is available to run lights during dress rehearsals and productions. Also helps coordinate dates and room set up with the church for the drama performances. --> Most of this job is texting and emailing until the last few weeks before the performances. 

  • PARTIAL FLOATER - (2-3 needed) Is available at least 3 out of the 5 periods to fill in as needed for an absent TA. You will generally only need to fill in for one period each week.

 SIPPY CUP JOBS   (For moms with kids under 2 - may choose one sippy cup job + one regular job OR 2 sippy cup jobs)

  • Family Room Monitor - 2nd period  - Family room monitor watches children of parents who are teaching or volunteering that period. It should not be very many kids at one time, and you can have your own children in the famliy room as well during the period. 

  • Family Room Monitor - 3rd period 

  • Family Room Monitor - 4th period 

  • Family Room Monitor - 5th period 

  • FIELD TRIP COORDINATOR - Organizes at least one field trip or playdate and one mom meet up each month. Turn in the field trip and meetups one month ahead of time so they can be sent out in the announcments. Create evites for events. Also helps plan summer meetups.   

  • PIZZA PICK UP - Collects pizza money, calls in the pizza order, and picks it up once a month for the pizza & praise at the park. 

  • PLAYGROUND SUPERVISOR - Supervises kids on playground while cleanup is happening after co-op (be on the playground at 1:40 and hang out until cleanup is done, usually about 2:10). 

  • FRONT DESK - during 5th period - Watch the front desk during periods where there are mom classes and there may not be adults in the front area. Assists students/parents who have questions. Make sure students sign in and out. 
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