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About Us

Welcome to Finger Lakes Homeschool (FLH), a chapter of Homeschool NY. Homeschool NY is a state-wide network of support groups, serving home school families from around the state. We are an inter-denominational Christian organization, promoting home education and supporting parents who choose to homeschool. We believe every family has the legal and constitutional right to home educate in NYS, regardless of their educational philosophy or religious affiliation.

Mission Statement - Finger Lakes Homeschool is a non-profit group for homeschooling parents and children of all ages. We believe that parents are the primary teachers and are responsible for all lawful reporting, curricula choices, and instruction. FLH aims to support the role of the parent by offering meetings, special events, field trips, and co-op classes. We are a local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers and provides a supportive community for our members. Our reasons for homeschooling differ, as do our styles and approaches to education, but what we share is a respect for all learners and a desire to support one another. 

Vision Statement – FLH desires to provide a valuable and useful tool for homeschooling families. We strive to create a dedicated group of families who co-labor to provide a safe place for home-school families to learn, grow and make new friends. As an academic Co-Op, we endeavor to offer challenging and stimulating learning opportunities in a structured, professional atmosphere. The Co-Op teachers do not take the place of the homeschooling parents who remain fully accountable to the state for the child’s education. They do, however, teach, clarify, and answer questions on Mondays and direct the course for the session.

What is co-op? Co-op provides supplementary education for our children that we cannot easily provide ourselves, allows kids to learn accountability and study skills in a fun group environment, and an opportunity to develop friendships. This environment is a mixture of core classes (e.g., chemistry, biology), enrichment classes (e.g., French & art) and fellowship for the children and parents.

All families are welcome to join our group and our co-op, however, you must recognize that we are at our core a Christian organization. Although we choose to have no requirements for religion for our membership, we acknowledge the beliefs of Homeschool NY and agree to be considerate of those beliefs in our programming. As a group, we agree not to include or offer programming that is contradictory to Homeschool NY's bylaws. Curriculum content may be dependent on individual teachers and parents should ask teachers before registering children for classes if that is a concern. 

Please contact us if you have any questions: info@fingerlakeshomeschool.com