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Parent/Student Co-Op Commitment

Finger Lakes Homeschool
Parent & Student Commitment


  1. I have read and will follow the principles and policies of Finger Lakes Homeschool (FLH).

  2. I will respect the Christian foundation of this group while expecting that we will be a varied group of people from both religious and secular backgrounds. We do not prescribe to any political party and cannot, as a 501C3, have any party affiliation.

  3. I will attend Co-Op each week. Missing more than 2 Mondays without communication may disqualify me from some classes and may jeopardize my future FLH membership.

  4. I will arrive on time to Co-Op and my parent/guardian job. On time is 15 minutes prior to your class or service.

  5. I will help with set up for co-op or cleaning the church at the end of the 4th period 3 times per session.

  6. I will send students to the first day of Co-Op with all needed supplies according to the course descriptions.

  7. I will read the weekly emails/updates sent out to members and communicate any necessary changes or absences promptly. 

  8. I recognize that if we do not abide by the Co-Op standards and policies, we may be asked to leave Co-Op.