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Thank you for your interest in T.E.A.C.H. Please read through the How T.E.A.C.H. Works and Co-op FAQs before requesting membership to ensure that your family is a good fit for our program.


  • Secondary name, email, and phone number: While not required, completing this field this gives you the ability to add a secondary caregiver such as a spouse or grandparent who may be bringing your child on a regular or occasional basis. This person may complete your volunteer duties unless you found another replacement.
  • Child grade level and birthdate: When filling out grade level, please consider the current time of year. If it is toward the end of the current school year, please select the grade level for the next school year. Be accurate when entering the child's date of birth (particularly the year), as this provides teachers and administrators with the correct age and allows registration in age-appropriate classes.



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Payment Instructions

Other Payment Instructions:

If you are joining TEACH for organized classes at Bethany Grace Co-op, you must check the boxes in the Facility Fee selection that apply to the classes for which you are registering. Payments for individual classes are hand delivered to the teachers on first day of classes (please place the money in an envelope and write the name of the student on the outside). Facility Fees and yearly TEACH Membership Fee are due August 1 for Fall and 30 week classes and January 3 for Spring classes. TEACH Membership Fee is paid once a year even if you are joining part way through the year valid July 1st through June 30th.

If you are joining TEACH for Sports programs, please see the sports forms with all sports fee categories that apply to your family. The yearly TEACH Membership Fee is due with your Sports program registration and is valid from time of sports registration through June 30th. 

Cell group events are paid via the direction of the cell group coordinator.  A TEACH Membership is required to participate in any events.

*    A full year TEACH Membership is valid July 1 through June 30 per calendar year A membership may be obtained at any time of the membership year and begins at time of payment ending June 30.  Even though a family may pay the upcoming year membership fee prior to July 1, your membership is not effective until July 1.  Prior to July 1 you may view ongoing events displayed on the private secure login part of our website, but if you wish to participate in any program prior to your upcoming July 1 effective date, please pay the $35 current year membership fee as well as the upcoming year membership $35 totaling $70.  In this case please check the last membership payment option checkbox below in addition to the first membership payment option checkbox. Yearly TEACH Membership fee is non-refundable. 

Payment Options