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Thank you for your interest in T.E.A.C.H. Please read through the How T.E.A.C.H. Works and Co-op FAQs before requesting membership to ensure your family is a good fit for our program.


  • Secondary name, email, and phone number, while Not Required, gives you the ability to add a secondary caregiver such as a spouse or grandparent who may be bringing your child on a regular or on an occasional basis. This person may complete your volunteer duties unless you found another replacement.



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Payment Instructions

Other Payment Instructions:

If you are joining TEACH for classes at Bethany Grace Co-op, you must check the boxes in the Facility Fee selection that apply to the classes you are registering. Payment to teacher are hand delivered on first day of classes.

If you are joining TEACH for Sports programs, please see the sports forms with all sports fee categorites that apply to your family.

Cell group events are paid via the direction of the cell group coordinator.

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