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HFA Student Code of Conduct

1. Students are to follow the directions of Harvest Family Academy teachers and staff at The Homeschool-sponsored events, including but not limited to field trips and performances.

2. Students are to display appropriate conduct during class session. This includes courtesies such as refraining from unkind remarks, profanity, coarse jokes, or other language that demonstrates disrespect or a lack of charity.

3. Students are to demonstrate respect and kindness to all staff and program participants. Students are not to gossip, lie, bully, or engage in physical or verbal fights with one another. Appropriate and biblical conflict management tools will be modeled, taught, and expected at Harvest Family Academy.   

4. Students are expected to complete any assigned course work at home, to be on time to class, to bring the necessary class supplies, and to be prepared for the lesson. Students will not be permitted to sit in the back of the classroom and disengage. All students participate.

5. Students are encouraged to make wholesome friendships. Students should look upon one another as brothers and sisters in Christ and refrain from demonstrating romantic affection, or giving the appearance of romantic affection, at Academy functions.

6. Students are expected to demonstrate appropriateness in dress that exemplifies respect for oneself and for other students. Staff and faculty reserve the right to address the behavior of students who demonstrate a lack of awareness of the underlying principles of modesty and self-respect.

7. Homeschool Academy students are encouraged to break the generational norms of screen/entertainment addiction. Unless the student needs to contact a parent, cell phones should be put away while the students are in class, at lunch, and on break. Friendships often develop in the margin before and after class, so students are encouraged to be engaged in the present moment and learn the art of face-to-face conversation.

8. Students are to display courtesy by remaining seated until dismissed, by treating church property with respect, and by cleaning up after themselves. Students are to respect the church facilities by taking care of the classrooms, not marking on the walls or tables, not pulling on wall displays, and by demonstrating care and respect for the buildings with which we have been blessed.

9. Students must be under the direct supervision of their parent or a Harvest Family Academy teacher at all times, including breaks, and it is the student’s responsibility to be in an area that is appropriately supervised. Students will be signed in and out of class and the campus each day. Students must remain on site during lunchtime/breaks unless signed out by an approved family member.   

10. Homeschool Academy students are expected to refrain from immoral and illegal conduct. All weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are strictly prohibited from the facilities. Stealing, lying, bullying, cutting, fighting, or other acts of aggression toward oneself or others will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.