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University Baptist Church requires face maks and social distancing due to COVID-19. They will sanitize the church before we meet on Fridays.  

Before Classes - Children 5th grade and under will need to stay with their parent until drop-off time.  Intermediate and high school students can stay with their parent or wait socially-distanced in the hall near their classrooms.

After Classes - We cannot linger in the halls. Children 3rd-5th grade will need to go directly to meet their parents. Intermediate and high school students can go immediately outside. Families can visit outside after co-op in the preschool patio area, outside chapel entrance, or grass areas.

Hallways & Classrooms - Everyone over 10 should wear a mask if possible* and practice social distancing.  

Outside - Masks are not required but please practice social distancing when possible.

Encourager's Room - The tables will be arranged for social distancing. Masks are not required while eating and drinking.

There will be no "mask policing."  Please do not critique others on how they wear their masks or the type of masks they wear.

*Some people cannot wear masks due to medical or other conditions.  Please do not challenge anyone not wearing a mask.


Personal Responsibility - Please check all family members' temperatures before leaving for co-op on Friday morning.

COVID-19 Positive or Exposed Members - Anyone who contracts COVID-19, has a member of the same household with COVID-19, or anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms will not attend co-op for 14 days after the development of COVID-19 symptoms or after a positive COVID-19 test. We will not require a negative COVID-19 test to return to co-op and we will not participate in contact tracing.

We will be very flexible this semester with attendance and provide the support necessary to keep the co-op running if anyone has COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19. 

If you are uncomfortable with these policies then you may want to wait until the fall semester to return. 

We are very blessed to be able to start up the co-op and look forward to seeing our REACH family soon!