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After completion, clicking Continue is your submission of request to join Velos and register for Velos Collective classes and/or Storm sports.  Once approved, your registration fee will be due prior to selecting classes.

Registering your student/athlete for a class/sport will be your financial commitment to pay for that class/sport.  

Review our Financial Policy provided below before continuing to request to join.

If you are still in the decision making process we have provided our website so that you can view our classes/sports, schedules and fees.


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Additional Questions

Payment Instructions



Fees can be paid in full at time of registration by cash, check or Venmo/Paypal (Velos Organization)

We also offer a payment plan, which is outlined below.

Payment Plan: 

  • Payment plans cannot go past sixty days or extend past your last class date.  For example, if you chose the plan but your child's class ends before the last payment date (of sixty days)  you will need to adjust your payment plan to be paid in full prior to that date.  Payment plans cannot go past sixty days or extend past your last class date.

  • Divide total due by 3 and provide 3 separate checks. The first check dated the date you register and the other two (2 ) checks will be post dated for thirty and sixty days. All three checks need to be submitted prior to the first day of class or sport.  Payment plan is only available if paying by check.    

  • Checks payable to: Velos Organization  Example: (1) September 22, 2023  (2) October 22, 2023  (3) November 22, 2023.

  • Returned check fee is $75.00

If you are adding classes after your initial registration and the semester has begun, please use Venmo/PayPal or drop-off payment at the Collective on Tuesday or Thursday - a minimum of 24 hours prior to class starting. If you choose the payment plan all checks need to be submitted prior to attending.

Registration Fee:

There is a registration fee of $75/per student or $125/per family that is due at the time of registration.  Storm Athletes do not pay this fee as it is included in the Storm registration fee for that sport.

The student rate is for one student only.  The family rate will allow the parents and children to register for all courses for the school year as well as use of the facility/campus during Collective days.

All family members that will be on Velos campus must be listed on the form and provide a waiver.

All class tuition costs are listed under each class and are not included in the registration fee.  If you are doing a summer camp only,  the registration fee is not due.

If Velos is in session you may drop off payments and/or forms on Tuesday or Thursday, otherwise please mail to the following address:

Velos Organization, 3003 E. Georgia Rd., Simpsonville, SC 29681 

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