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Florida Home Education Definition

Legal Compliance




  1. Send a letter of intent to the Superintendent of Schools (see sample letter here).

1.  Include only the names, address, and birth dates of those children in the program. Do not assign a grade level.

2.  Include only children who are at least 6 years old by February 1 until age 16. If you continue homeschooling through high school, it is recommended not to terminate.

3. This letter must be filed within 30 days of establishing the home-education program.

4.  Please terminate your program by letter if you should move out of Palm Beach County or place a child in formal school.  A Notice of Termination form is available under the New to Homeschool link.


  1. Maintain records as delineated. These must be kept for two years. The Superintendent may request (by a 15-day written notice) to see these records.

1.        Maintain a portfolio (Not all their work, but just sampling of children's work.).

            2.        Maintain a log (parent's record of teaching and list of reading materials).


III.        File an annual evaluation with the Superintendent choosing one of the following:

1.     Teacher evaluation: you choose the teacher (he/she must have a valid regular Florida certificate). An evaluation includes a review of the portfolio and an interview with the child.  A list of evaluators is available under the Testing Evaluations link.

2.     Any nationally-normed student achievement test administered by a certified teacher of your choice

3.     A state student assessment test

                                        4.    A psychological evaluation

                                        5.     Any valid measurement tool agreed upon by both parent and the  Superintendent.