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Wellington Support Group

 Support groups are located throughout Palm Beach County. These groups meet monthly at parks throughout the county and parents can choose them according to their location or need. Monthly meetings consist of an information time for parents, as well as a play time for the children. Field trips, service projects, Moms' Night Out, and holiday celebrations are all coordinated through these groups. We encourage prospective members to check out the various support groups until they find one that meets their needs, and then to plug into that group and become involved in it. Support groups will be an encouragement to you and to your children!

Wellington Support Group (Ages K thru High School)
Where: Wellington Village Park (a.k.a. Pierson Park; 11700 Pierson Rd.) at the large pavilion closest to the playground.
When: Second Friday of  every month. From 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM  

**Bring a picnic lunch to fellowship after the meeting.

Lisandra Dunn - 561-847-6964,

Rebeca Siguenza - 561-635-3630,
Terry Novella - 561-572-7831,


Support and encouragement for parents of kids of every age.  Park play time and activities for kids of all ages, so bring your teens.  The park has a playground, climbing rock, swings and a skate park.

Meeting starts at 11:00 with meet and greet. At each meeting we will have devotions, announcements, monthly activities and field trip sign ups.

Bring curriculum you no longer use to put on our blessing table.


Support for all Homeschool Families

Bring a picnic lunch and plan to stay and fellowship from 12 to 12:30

*Childcare is not provided at any PEC meetings.  Every parent is responsible for their own child(ren) as PEC is not responsible for the safety or supervision of any children at their events.*  Please bring WATER for your family to the park meeting.

August 9:

Trunk Sale: 9:30 to 11:00sellers - please arrive at 9:15 to secure a spot- open up your trunk and sell your curriculum – please make sure you bring change. Buyers - this is a cash sale

Back to School Meet and Greet: 11am to 12pm: Everyone is welcome - please come and help us welcome and support our new to homeschooling parents. Please bring a lunch and stay and fellowship.

September 13:

11am to 12pm: Back to School - Round Table Discussions

October 12:

11am to 12pm: Plugging In: Everyone Has Something to Contribute - Round Table Discussions

November 8:

11am to 12pm: Trusting your Parenting Instincts - Round Table Discussions

 December 13:

11am to 1pm: Christmas Party (Volunteers Needed!!!) 

January 10:

11 am to 12 pm: Out of the Box - Round Table Discussions (This year the fair opening did not fall on our meeting day - see below)

NOTE: January 17th (3rd Friday) is the opening ceremony for the South Florida Fair!

Go and enjoy the fair. If you are there at opening ceremony time you can get into the fair for free or if you can't make it then, you can use your ticket and get one free.

Ceremonies start at 11:30 am. Doors open at noon. (Free Admission only at this time.

Use your advance discount admission ticket today and receive one (1) FREE admission ticket to return another day, COMPLIMENTS OF PUBLIX.* http://www.southfloridafair

February 14:

11am to 12pm: Valentine's Day Party (Volunteers Needed!!!!)

March 13:

11am to 12pm: Recap your Year - What was your worst-your disaster? - Round Table Discussions

 April 10:

11am to 1 pm: Curriculum Sale

May 8:

11 am to 1pm:  End of Year Park Potluck Party!!!!


Our ongoing Support: we would like to help Brenda Dickinson with HEF.  Brenda is our Home School lobbyist and we think more than ever, she needs our support both financially and in prayer.  Please bring your financial gift to the park meeting each month.

Box Tops for Education - Collecting boxtops is an EASY way to help our group get funding for prizes, parties, and other activities.  Just look for the white squares with the pink file folder marked BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION on many of the brands you already  buy.   Simply cut them out, collect in a plastic bag, and bring to the park.  Please trim your boxtops before bringing them in, but be careful not to cut the expiration!  You can even ask grandparents and relatives to collect for you, as well.


See you at the park!!