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Additional Questions

Volunteering: I, a VHE member family, realize that VHE is a volunteer support group and agree to a giving and receiving relationship. Many events are contingent upon the volunteer commitment of our members. As a member of VHE, I will help with at least one event or activity during the 2022-2023 school year. Many hands make light work.

Please select 3 items from the volunteer opportunities list below. You will only be assigned to help with ONE of your choices.

Descriptions of Volunteer Opportunities

**Note that the number in parenthesis indicates the approximate number of volunteers needed for that service opportunity over the course of a year.**

End of Year Testing Coordinator (1)- You will coordinate and delegate responsibility to other volunteers for our end-of-year testing. You must secure a location, order test materials, and organize volunteers. A board member can work with you and pass down previous years' information to assist you.

End of Year Testing Proctor (12)- You must have a bachelor's degree to volunteer for this! As a tester, you must complete some easy requirements by BJU Press. Stanford 10 testing will take place in May. You must commit to administering one testing level during all three scheduled testing mornings, from 8 am to 12 pm.

Field Day Team (8)- Coordinate and plan an outdoor family event in which kids of all ages compete against each other for prizes. Obstacle courses, 3-legged race, water balloon toss, and many other typical and not-so-typical field day type games will be held in May/June 2023 at a local park.

Field Trip Coordinator for Middle & High School Students (10)- Set up at least one field trip or social activity for older students. You will be working with a VHE board member to get the event added to the calendar.

Field Trip Coordinator for Elementary Students (10)- Set up at least one field trip or social activity for younger students. You will be working with a VHE board member to get the event added to the calendar.

Funky's Skate Day (4)- Collect money and handle registration at the VHE Skate Days held on a Friday afternoon in Aug, Nov, Jan, and March. Ideal for parents of independent skaters so that you can remain at the registration table. There will be a board member present.

Graduation Hospitality Team 2023 (8)- If you have a high school student, usually a junior (not a senior), this would be an excellent place to volunteer. Support the parents of the 2023 graduates as they plan the graduation ceremony and reception. Specific needs are for people to serve refreshments, hand out bulletins, and some minor set up at the reception. Graduation will be held on May 2023.

Kick-off Picnic Team (4)- This event starts off the VHE school year with a bang! Volunteers will help plan, set up, and clean up this event, usually held at a local park. We need a coordinator and volunteers for this event. (September 2023)

Moms Event Team (8)- If you are passionate about bringing homeschool moms together, this volunteer position is for you! You will assist the coordinator in organizing one of the two moms' events for the year. This is a new format for this year, and more details will follow as the event is planned.

Moms Event Coordinator (2)- A board member will work alongside you to plan one of the two moms' events for the year. These events will loosely be some workshops paired with a speaker. One event will be scheduled for the fall and one in the spring. 

Talent & Art Show Team (5) Serve alongside a coordinator to help set up, flow, and tear down for the show. Help is also needed to serve refreshments. Typically held at a local church, the evening is a variety show. Between the show and fellowship time that naturally follows, this is often a group highlight. This event will take place in Feb 2023.

Talent and Art Show Coordinator (1)- A board member will work alongside you to organize, advertise and delegate responsibility for the 2023 Talent and Art Show. In previous years, this has been at the heart of VHE. You will need to start planning early in the year to secure a location and set up registration.

Used Curriculum Sale Team (1)- Serve by advertising for the sale and coordinating the site reservation. Sellers, NOT volunteers, will be held responsible for setup and tear down. You will work with a VHE board member for this event. It is held in early June 2023.

New(er) Homeschool Liaison (2)- This is a new position this year for new or newer homeschool families. We would like to connect with those that are newer to homeschooling to better serve them. You would be responsible for connecting with other new or newer homeschool families and giving feedback at a 1-2 board meetings. This is a full-year commitment. 

Other/Plan my own event- Choose this only if you have an idea for a VHE event that YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO PLAN. Create an event centered around your particular interests, gifts, or work. A board member can assist you in developing your idea and will work with you to get the event added to the calendar. Please mention your idea in the comments section.

Additional Questions:

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Welcome to VHE! We are so glad you joined our group. 

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