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Homeschool Classes NOVA

Homeschool Classes in Northern Virginia

Classical Conversations (CC) partners with homeschool parents who want a classical Christian edu­cation for their children. Our weekly programs and communities are academically demand­ing and are for families interested in pursu­ing a challenging classical curriculum. CC offers programs for 4 years of age up through high school. CC is not a private school, but a service that is operated by facilitator-tutors who have suc­cessfully homeschooled their own children and seek to complement your homeschool. The purpose of study is to know God and to make Him known. According to Proverbs 24:3-4, the stages of learning are knowledge, understanding, and wis­dom. The mission of CC is to assist parents in their endeavor to give their children the knowledge of God, the understanding of who He is, and the wisdom to obey Him. Please visit Classical Conversations to find a location with contact information near you.
Homeschool Enrichment Support Services (CHESS) - CHESS's vision is to help parents homeschool through high school by providing classes that enrich students’ lives, develop their abilities, and challenge them to explore their life’s purpose - open to students in 7th-12th grade. Students benefit from working among their peers in a personal, small-group environment that encourages excellence, led by experienced, homeschool-friendly teachers who evaluate their work and challenge them to think. Courses offered include foreign language, lab science, writing, math, social studies, and art, as well as subjects that flourish in a group environment. We also offer college-level courses at the high school pace, which allow students time for mastery of the material. Additional opportunities include advanced level sciences, honors courses, a National Homeschool Honor Society, yearbook, student photos, graduation and prom. Learn more here: http://chessclasses.org/, or email Tara Taylor, Administrator, admin@chessclasses.org, or call 703 753-1901 9-5 Mon-Fri.

Gainesville Homeschool Connection (GHC, formerly LIFE) holds classes for students in grades 3-12 at Gainesville Presbyterian Church on Lee Hwy in Gainesville. Classes include various levels of STEM classes, Chemistry, Math, IEW, English, Spanish and other electives. Please visit our website for a list of classes, teachers’ bios and registration information. 


Harvester Teaching Services (HTS) provides practical assistance to parents who desire to train their children to live Biblically in an anti-Christian world.  This assistance is extended to parents whose children are in public or Christian schools, or who home school.  For more information, or if you have home school and HTS questions, please call (703)455-7800 or email the Administrator, Corinne Hayes at htsadmin@harvesterpca.org. Core classes and electives are offered for grades K-12 in Springfield. Read more about these classes on their website.


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