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Because our membership renewals take place in late August, and we do not prorate membership dues, we will not process new member applications from the beginning of May until mid-August.  Prospective members are still welcome to fill out an application, but please understand that anything submitted during this time frame will not receive a response until mid to late August.


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Interested in Participating in 2016 Graduation?

Due to the amount of preparation involved, you must join Homewood by January 19, 2016.  On the application, please indicate your desire to participate in graduation so that we can put you in contact with our graduation coordinators.


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If you were not a member during the 2014-2015 school year, your account is no longer active.  Please click on the Membership Application link on the left side menu and follow the instructions.



Homewood Christian Association
The Woodlands, Texas


Providing educational and social enrichment
opportunities for Christian home schoolers
in The Woodlands area since 1996

Welcome to the Homewood Christian Association Web site!

Whether you're just beginning to explore the idea of home schooling, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, we want to help you along the way with information on home schooling in general and provide everything you need to know to see if joining Homewood Christian Association is the right choice for your family.

We are a Christian home school support group located in The Woodlands, Texas.

The goals of Homewood Christian Association are:

  1. To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all our activities and communications.
  2. To provide opportunities for families to support and encourage one another in our efforts to teach at home.
  3. To offer educational and social opportunities for our home schooled children and parents.
  4. To establish a link in a chain for information to be passed on to individual home school families from local, state and community-wide organizations.

Our mission statement is:

The mission of Homewood Christian Association is to support Christian home schooling families in our area by helping them connect through joint service to one another in order to provide fellowship and educational opportunities.